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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Animals Do Teach Us

Do you know that there are some animals on this planet that are able to teach by more than example. They are able to provide sounds that are meaningful to us.

We as human beings get used to the idea that there are other beings on the planet - we have all gotten used to that. We see the animals that we know and love and we also see other animals that we just have to get accustomed to whether we like them or not - and of course there are the birds and the fish and all others that we live amongst.

I have said here for some time and in print as well that the animals are not here to learn anything - this is what I've been taught and this is what I believe after years of experience. They are here to teach - yes by example but there is more. Some animals can actually make sounds that are not for them.

Today I will give you such an example that is a sound meant exclusively for the use of human beings. This is the sound,"eeeeeeeeeyaaaoooooo." [Pronunciation: e as in seed, y as in yes, a as in ah, o as in zoo.]

This sound is provided by a being - you understand a type of being - that is very popular on Earth and that is the cat. The house cat, as we call them, make this sound to us.

It is largely misinterpreted as being meow but in fact there is no m. If you listen to it when a cat says this to you, this is an actual suggestion that the cat is giving. It is not simply because they cannot make the m sound - there is no m sound.

Do you know - they do not make this sound to each other. For those of you who have lived around cats and have noticed them interacting with each other - they do not make this sound to each other. They might glance up, look at a human being and make that sound.

Now why are they giving us that message. Those who live around cats know that cats will often take on energies, especially for a beloved human being that they live with, that can only be described as some suffering or aspect of disease or discomfort that the human being is either going through or could go through with some harm to the human being.

To a degree the cat can transform that energy into something more comfortable but there is also the fact that sometimes they will take on something and it will cause the cat to get ill. This is not always the case, of course, why cats get ill but it is sometimes the case - and I might add that dogs and other creatures that live with us do this as well.

Cats however, are able to give this message. Some of you have actually had the experience where a cat will stop and stare right at you and make this sound. Of course, many times it's like talking to a young child isn't it - that's our reaction - we don't know what that means.

"What is it dear. Are you hungry? Do you need to go out?" In short, we go through the guessing game - what does it mean - and while it might be simply that the cat would also like something to eat and would also like to go out that's fine but it's not that exclusively. There's more to it than that.

Eeeeeeeeeyaaaoooooo is a sound that is meant for us to make out loud and it will reduce our level of stress in our physical world.

It can actually be used before a stressful situation if you know one is coming up. If you say the sound out loud about 4 or 5 times or more if it feels comfortable or reassuring then it will help to head off a degree of the impact of the stress upon you. Sometimes you can be doing other things and say the sound and it will be calming.

I'm not sure if it could be used safely when driving a car or operating machinery but I feel it can be used in the middle of the day - say on a coffee break. You can say it quietly but my feeling is that it is important to say it out loud in some way even if it is almost a whisper. The physical sound seems to help. I have tried it and it does work.

So - I'm not saying it's a cure-all but I am saying that when we begin to make the sound ourselves and use it in our lives and memorize it for ourselves - I think you'll find that most cats do not say, "eeeeeeeeeyaaaoooooo" to you anymore unless they feel that you have forgotten to say the sound, you're in a stressful situation and if you just say the sound now - you'll feel better.

Now, don't take this as a reason to not to check to see if the cat needs to go outside or needs something to eat. It's just something I felt I'd pass on to you at this time because it's a beautiful example of how animals teach.



Eileen Meyer said...

I love it! All this time our beloved cat friends have been demonstrating something that we can use to help balance our own lives. Thank you for being the spokes-human for cats. I'm sure they are overjoyed to finally get the message through!

Anonymous said...

EEEYYYAAAOOO TO ALL!!! Thanks, Rob, I've always felt a supernatural affinity to cats, but now I guess you're telling us its quite natural- maybe having a predominance of leo in my astrology chart has something to do with it?! Another thing I'm Thankful for today!
Bobby Angel

Robert Shapiro said...

Hello Bobby. Thanks for your comment. It's good to know that you are catlike, I have affinity with those beings.

Goodlife my friend and have a most enjoyable thankful day.

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Eileen, thanks for your comment. I appreciate your acknowledgment of my, at least temporary status of being a interpreter for some of the wonderful beings of animal world.

It is a job that I feel a definite affinity with.

Goodlife and a most pleasant thankful day.

Jennifer Hodges said...

I decided to make this sound a few times & my cat came straight down the 2 flights of stairs to my study! I have also noticed that she makes this sound very strongly if she is near me when I have strong emotion going through my body (often triggered by something I'm reading in one of your books!). I thought perhaps it meant that she was processing it herself, which maybe she is....but now I also think that she wants me to make this sound, to help me deal with it. Thanks for sharing this. Jennifer.

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Jennifer. It's good your cat wants to help you. Some people also use it to fall asleep when sleep is hard to do.