The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Monday, November 27, 2006

Continuing Your Instinctual Training

Imagine a deer in the forest. The forest is dense but it is possible to move through it. There are leaves on the ground - it is towards the time of Fall. The deer is within your view - perhaps 50 yards away. It is quietly eating.

You have not moved nor are you actually physically present - you are only there in your imagination. Suddenly for no apparent reason, the deer runs away. What happened?

This is a instinctual reaction. It is my intention to help you to become safe in a world which is often not safe - how to do that. I've been building on this training for some time. Today I want to support your training by providing a little more.

Now I'd like you to imagine being that deer in the forest. It doesn't have to be any particular deer that you've seen or known or that you have been near. Just any deer you can imagine being.

Feel your legs on the ground. Feel your deer body. Notice the heightened state of alertness you have. You can eat, you can chew, you can be amongst other deer but always there is a feeling around the outside of your body of an awareness. Not exactly a prickly sensation but an awareness.

Suddenly you have the urgent need to move quickly in a specific direction - now here's where human beings and animals differ. A human being might think about it, might rationalize why but you as the deer immediately move off quickly in the direction that physically feels the best.

This is something I'd like you to try as a meditation or as a visualization because it's important to recognize the physical feelings in your body that occur when you feel the need to move off in some other direction.

I know sometimes you won't be able to do it and you'll just have to move through whatever it is that is frightening your body but if you know what the feeling is then you will be able to prepare yourself in some way or be more alert. This is the training I offer you today.

Now there's a part 2:

Suppose you cannot move away rapidly like the deer from something that feels dangerous, then I recommend you do this. First, quickly say to yourself the following Living Prayer, "I am asking to be insulated and protected from harm now in the safest and most benevolent way for me."

After you say that to yourself - try to say it out loud - you can whisper it but if you cannot say anything out loud or even whisper then think it to yourself.

After you do that then request that as much gold light and benevolent energy be with you as you can comfortably assimilate. You may feel a shift.

Some of you might feel a sense of being physically bigger. This is a good feeling because it creates an actual stimulation of a signal to others that whatever or whoever is approaching is big and/or potentially frightening. It doesn't necessarily scare people because human beings, as I say, might rationalize - well what might it be - and wait and see but it could very easily create a field effect that generates a reaction in human beings or possibly even animals and for those that pay attention to their reactions they might move off and you might be safer.

This is something that I feel is important training for you all in the world in which we live.

It cannot be used as some kind of an offensive system - meaning like a weapon because there are checks that I've managed to put into place to keep that from happening.

However it can be used to increase a safety zone around you when moving through a situation that may be dangerous or may be nerve racking in some way.

Remember this is not something you can do very easily when operating machinery, nor do I recommend it for planes in flight and so on - as some instruments might be delicate. Generally speaking it is safe to do if you are say, ten or fifteen feet away from such instruments or more but if you are operating the plane yourself then you may wish to consider some other means of generating safety.

This is what I recommend for you in your homework today. For those of you who may be interested I have also compiled a book called Techniques for Generating Safety which you can obtain at

Goodlife to you all. I will say more about these things in the world of instinct as time goes on.

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