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Friday, November 24, 2006

Animals - They Can Point Us In The Right Direction

Have you ever had an experience with your cat or dog or even a cat or dog that you may know or are passing by - will they ever come up and very delicately touch you - sometimes with their nose, more often with their tail or some other part of their body - it is very delicate and it is not meant to be a more aggressive encounter.

There is something special going on here. Sometimes a animal that is a pet or even one that you are around a great deal will perform such a touch.

There is even the occurrence for those of you who are sensitive to it that this can even be a spirit animal - perhaps one that you have known or one that simply has a sense of affection for you may also make such a touch. It will be very light but it will definitely be physical.

What are these things about? Animals including animal spirits have an awareness of how very influential they are in our lives.

We often need help - I do, you do, we all do - and sometimes help from another human being, no matter how much we appreciate that, is not enough. Sometimes we say to the sky, the walls, our world or God, "Help, I need help" and sometimes it comes in this form.

Oh yes - it is wonderful to have a dog or a cat or other pet to be affectionate with, to have them be affectionate and loyal with you - oh yes. That can be very wonderful but I'm referring to these very special occasions when they touch you very lightly.

Very often what that means is that point of contact on your body would be good for you to touch. Take note of the next time it happens but only when they touch you very lightly and then back off or go on about their life.

Touch yourself in that same spot if you can. Perhaps it is a very small spot and a single finger will work - or two fingers but if it is a large spot then use your hand. I would recommend using your right hand but if you can't reach then try using your left hand.

Of course sometimes you won't be able to reach, so you will just have to wait for them to touch you again - but try putting your hand or finger on that spot and just see what happens. Sometimes it can be very calming, other times even more so - genuinely relaxing and even other times some feeling of discomfort you have might lessen to a degree or more.

This is another wonderful thing that animals, especially our pets, do for us and I wanted to share it with you.



samuru999 said...

I have a very special cat that is so in harmony with is quite amazing!
She has become my wonderful feline friend ever since my dog died.
She and my dog were great buddies.
It adds so much to my life having
Smokey as a part of it!

Thank you for this writing Robert!
It means a lot to me!


Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Margie for that insight on the wisdom and kindness of animals that are so dear to us. They are such a comfort aren't they.

Goodlife my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,
This post brought to mind something I've been meaning to ask about. In one your earlier posts there was mention of the "deer walk." I am not familiar with this and would like some information on what it is and how to do it. If you have that in one of your posts I've somehow missed it.


Robert Shapiro said...

Anon., thank you for your interest in the deer walk. This is not something I can describe in words. It has to be seen and I have to do this in your presence.

While I cannot volunteer to do that at this time, if I can - perhaps consider a way this might be done - perhaps in some visual art fashion in the future given what I have available to me at this time I will then consider an effort at least to demonstrate visually the deer walk - but for now let me say this.

If you want to prepare yourself - envision if you can, deer in a benevolent state, not as a hunter but in a benevolent state - imagine yourself Being a deer and in that idyllic state that is a good preparation.

Thank you for your interest. Goodlife.

Anonymous said...


That comment from "anonymous" was from me (Louis). I don't know why I neglected to sign it.

I can sure appreciate what you're saying about not being able to describe in words something such as the deer walk. I've been confronted with that kind of situation more than once myself. Sometimes the spoken language can be terribly restricting in this kind of work.

I've had a few very close and beautiful encounters with deer over the years. I have a deep love and respect for them. I shall surely work with the suggestions you offered.


Robert Shapiro said...

Louis, I'm glad to know it is you. This is what I recommend also for you.

If you know where the deer travel on their path - on their trails and you can reach those areas easily or even remember them in your memory then you can recreate that in your memory or if you choose you can go to those areas and step on that general place especially if you see deer sign.

Also - when you are doing that, as you know, use only a leather bottom shoe with no insulation. Ideally it would be barefoot but that may not be practical at this time of year. If you have something that is only deer hide or elk hide, that could work also on your foot.

Goodlife my friend.