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The Wand Position
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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Communion, Part 2

Now let us continue from last time. Last time we stood off at a distance yes - and felt the tree without touching it. Today we will do more.

This time I would like you to approach the tree - don't touch it just yet - just approach it but get within a capacity to touch it - meaning just be - say a foot or two away or be able to approach it and touch it.

Try to do this at a time when other human beings are not touching the tree - that's really important. So if you need to bring a friend who will ask other human beings to keep from touching the tree while you are there, explaining that you are involved in a spiritual growth function or some other polite reason, that would be best.

Now, if you do have a friend there though it would be best that they be a little distance away - ten feet would be good at least and not in your line of sight.

Now this is what to do - when you are standing near the tree move your shoulders a bit, alright, move them around. And by the way for those of you who may not be able to stand - might be in a wheelchair for example, that's perfectly alright. You don't have to stand to do this but if you can, move your shoulders around.

Then the arm that you use to touch things, alright, be it your right or left - move that arm around especially near the shoulder. After that flex your arm at the elbow. Then after that move your hand back and forth and around flexing it at the wrist. This is all to bring your attention within your physical body. Again as I said last time I don't want you to go out of your physical body - you must stay in contact with your physical body to do this.

Then this is what to do - when you feel a distinct sense of being in your physical body - meaning you're moving your hand around, you're moving your arm around - then you can relax that motion. Reach out and touch the trunk of the tree.

This is what you do - extend your sense of touch - don't go out of your body just extend your sense of touch so that the tree becomes as if a portion of your own body. By allowing the tree to be an extension of your own body this is a much greater intimacy between you and this other form of life.

Some of you will have a pronounced feeling of a change of density as your sense of awareness of your own physical body down through your arm and into your hand and thence into the tree takes place.

Make sure if it is comfortable that you keep your hand, or fingertips if that's more comfortable, on the tree. Then allow your feelings to move throughout the tree - don't push your feelings you understand - your physical feelings - don't push it anywhere.

It may not go much farther than where you're touching the tree but for some of you it might go down into roots. For others it might go up into the tree - into branches or leaves or needles. Just let what happens happen.

Don't at that point try to get a message - don't ask for a message and simply be as receptive as possible.

If it doesn't feel comfortable to do this with the tree then break contact immediately. Step back - say, "Goodlife" and go on to another tree but since you will possibly have been working with this tree - for those of you who could approach a tree - then it is alright. The tree will have some familiarity with you but for those of you who were at a distance and could not get closer to the tree, as mentioned last time, then you will have to go to a different tree that you can approach.

After you have completed this and hold your hand on the tree for as long as you like, up to two or three minutes is fine, then break contact with the tree - pull your hand back you understand - and only put one hand on the tree - not both - pull your hand back and wait a moment. Don't step back immediately - wait a moment and then see if you get a picture, an image, a word, any inspiration.

If you don't, don't worry about it. You have already had a spiritual experience by extending into another form of life that is safe for you to touch. Some of you might have an experience later in a dream but for this moment after breaking contact with the tree, move back slowly.

After you get about six to eight feet away from the tree - face the tree and say, "Goodlife" and "Thank you."

This training may allow some of you to receive some wisdom or a vision from the tree. If the wisdom or the vision is uncomfortable you do not have to take it on - simply let it go.

Don't be concerned that you will be leaving some portion of yourself in the tree, that will migrate out of the tree shortly after you break contact - that's why you stand near the tree for a moment - because there is more going on here than may meet the eye.

For you see - when you touch the tree and move into the tree - extending, you understand, yourself into the tree - the tree also moves into you. That's why you can feel the change of density because it's an exchange. So not only will you be receiving the portions of you you extended into the tree when you stepped back from it that short distance but the tree will also retrieve the portions of its being that it has extended into you.

This is a technique we will use many times in the future for some of you do have the capacity and if you've been reading Benevolent Magic blog and Mystical Man blog you may have had some of this training already either in the comments area or in the posts themselves. Regardless, it is something you can do to contact other forms of life and perhaps receive messages from them.

One word of advice here which is absolutely critical - never do this with a human being - there's a reason. The reason is that it could confuse your own body as to what is you and what is the other person.

Of course you often contact other people physically but you do not make an effort to extend into their bodies in this way.

This kind of thing is possible but only in the closest possible relationships - it's not something you do to get closer in a relationship but it is something that can be done in the closest possible relationships. I may say something about that here someday but it is unlikely for now - that training is very advanced indeed and requires significant safeguards which I have already put into place for some of you who may accidentally do this.

Now, if you get a message or a vision remember that it is to be considered something that is from the tree. It may not be specifically for you, it might simply be for human beings at large. If however - it feels personal then it is worth thinking about or considering and checking with other sources you may have, to confirm whether it is in fact personally true for you or meant as a general message for all.

Give it a try, see how you like it. We'll do more along these lines before too long.


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