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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How We Can Serve Earth And Her Peoples

As I have been saying for some time - now that Earth needs to look after herself now - to move her body, to move certain things of her own for herself, to check on her condition - so it is up to us with our good works applied benevolently through the use either of Benevolent Magic or Living Prayer or other prayers and other methods to look after the surface dwellers - the visitors if you like - on Mother Earth.

I know we like to think that Creator does all of this for us but I believe and have been taught that Creator wants us to learn how to look after all beings for ourselves. That's why we're here - to learn Creator's ways in the most benevolent way, I believe.

So my feeling is this - it would be good for us to get into the habit every day of doing some benevolent gesture or perhaps a Living Prayer - whatever is your style of service to support life here.

Consider the animals - so many different species. Consider the plants also - so very many species. It might be something to consider saying a prayer or a Living Prayer always requesting that the most benevolent energies be available for you during that prayer and when you feel them to pause with whatever you are saying because the energies come in and support what you are saying and when they are there they do not speak but you feel it as energy you see - to let you know that they are there - that they are working to support what you are requesting.

So while the unspoken energy is there, pause until it begins to fade a bit which means that it is taking the action - alright - that you have requested in the best and most benevolent way possible and then continue with the words and if you feel the energy present again - pause again.

If when you say it you do not feel the energy at all then just say the Living Prayer or your own prayer slowly so as to allow the energies to resonate with it when they are able.

I'd recommend that you pick a species of animal or plant and say a prayer for each one once a day - by this I do not mean over and over again. I mean pick say, a dandelion one day - just for example or say - a cat or a dog - any kind another day or pick say - horses or pick butterflies or pick cedar trees - something like that and every day say something for one species. Try to just make it one species per day.

Of course if you wish to say something overall you could just say for example, "I am asking that all species of all beings on the Earth be insulated and protected from harm and that all those attempting to harm any species also be insulated and protected from harm."

There's a reason we say it like this. The purpose is not to cast blame here for sometimes the reason that beings do harm is not purposeful, not intentional. It is just something that happens in the course of doing something else and other times there is no intent to attack specifically - it has to do with a drive or need of a being or a type of being. Casting blame only creates more problems.

I find that it is much better to say, in my case, a Living Prayer that addresses a situation of all beings who are alive and allows all future living beings to be beneficially welcomed as well.

This is my process, you may have another. Whatever you choose keep in mind that Mother Earth needs us I believe - to look after all life on Earth now.

So lets do the best we can and if you happen to see a creature or have many reminders of certain plants around - pick those first to say your prayers and if you don't wish to see that creature or you don't wish to see that plant then you can say this Living Prayer as well, "I am asking that all those (then fill in the name for that creature or that plant or that type of person if you like) be insulated and protected from harm and that all those attempting to harm them also be insulated and protected and that each does not see each other nor hear of each other and that this lack of contact further insulate and protect and allow benevolence for all beings."

That's what I recommend. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Tree said...

I find this interesting because I have on many occasions prayed for animals. I've prayed for their safety and wellbeing as well as prayed gratitude for their existence.

Do you think an everyday, in the moment appreciation of Nature can be considered prayer?

Robert Shapiro said...

Tree, I appreciate your appreciation of nature and all the beings that we see - and including those we don't see for many of the little eyes of the beings around us in nature are not so seeable.

I feel however that they have a certain acceptance of life that we as human beings are still trying to engage. It's one thing isn't it to have an acceptance of life and another to have a joy about it. That takes time doesn't it.

Of course an appreciation of nature, a love of nature is certainly a valuable thing and if not a prayer in the dictionary definition certainly is a prayer in terms of the feelings involved - yes.