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The Wand Position
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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Our Feeling Guides Are All Around Us

You've noticed haven't you, our love affair with cows. Of course cheese um-hmm - yes and milk and ice cream - all these wonderful things that we sometimes take for granted but you know - cows are more than that.

In recent years they've become a popular symbol and over time have developed an image like an icon but have you ever looked at a cows eyes - they are feelings itself. Do you know, as I've been taught, cows directly reflect the feelings of Mother Earth and cows are here, aside from the great benefit they provide for us - yes, cows are here to show Mother Earth how much she is respected and loved and to show us how much we respect and love Mother Earth.

There is a time now - happening right now that allows us to experience much more in the way of instant knowing. Instant knowing is only occasionally a thought, yes, a couple of words - an inspiration perhaps and under that inspiration that is poking up like a plant in the spring - under it is a vast reservoir of knowledge and wisdom.

We are all learning now what our feelings mean, how they can be interpreted and how they can best benefit us.

If you wish to have a lesson, next time you have an opportunity to look a cow - not a bull but a cow in the eyes it might be something worth doing.

Glance at the cow and notice the expression, for they are very revealing in their feelings, in their eyes. Then relax for a moment and feel as much as you can - love and kindness in general. When you feel it open your eyes again and see if you can glance at either another cow or the same one and look at the expression in their eyes while you are feeling those feelings. You will get a nice feedback there.

This is not a talk today designed to fire you up to save Mother Earth or to save cows though that is something I believe is at least in the back of our minds and perhaps at the forefront of our hearts. It is rather a gentle reminder how very often the creatures that are around us reflect so very much the true nature of Mother Earth's personality.



Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,
This post has brought to mind a partial remberance of something I read a few years back. It was about cows being some kind of special "masters" and were not natural to earth but were sent here from elsewhere. For the life of me I can't recall where I read that or what the details were. Could it have been in one of your "Explorer Race" books?


Robert Shapiro said...

Louis, greetings my friend. It is a possibility that you have read this in some of my material but I cannot put my finger on when or where.

I do believe that cows have a specialness about them. I have been around them of course and they are truly what might be called a demonstration of feelings.

I have always wondered whether that has not only been what endears cows to people so much, aside from their natural beauty but also whether that might be why sometimes they are judged because they are feelings itself and sometimes as you know - feelings are also judged as being without sense - but of course if feelings were about logic they would not be complimentary to the mind but simply a follower.

As you know, all parts of us must in their own right be distinct and able to support themselves and each other and ultimately us.