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Friday, February 23, 2007

A Cat Protector

Many times something will occur in your life - even if you do not have a pet that might surprise you, possibly even alarm you and yet always there's a good explanation.

Some of you who live with cats, as a blog friend does, have experiences like that. A recent post referred to such an event of being woken up in the middle of the night by the cat and that the cat made such an effort to wake this blogger up that she actually received a couple of small scratches. Why do things like this happen?

Of course there are other dramatic situations such as another incident like that that I'm aware of that happened to an old workmate years ago where after a particularly hard night out and about he came home and fell asleep on the couch and was wakened in the wee hours by the cat furiously touching him and yes scratching him and his body to wake up and while that was an unpleasant experience when he woke up the house was on fire.

He grabbed the cat and got out. Well, his apartment was a total loss. Of course one has to consider - what if he didn't have a cat?

Now I'm not here to campaign in a public relations sort of way for having cats for we all have our favorite kind of pets or none for that matter. I am saying that animals never do anything without a reason.

It is easy isn't it - almost seductive to imagine that cats in particular are mysterious and one never knows why they do what they do but in my experience with them, and that is extensive, I have discovered that cats are keenly interested in our spiritual development.

Granted, some cats are better at this than others and therefore show more interest in encouraging these qualities in us and will work with us if we show them or speak to them declaring our interest in this fashion.

I have found in the past that it is necessary that the cat actually be awake - not in a meditative state as they can get but actually awake and to make eye contact with them - and don't just stare at them. State out loud if you do claim this as your own desire - state, "I am desiring to further my spiritual goals and I welcome you to help me and teach me and share with me in the best way you are able to accomplish that intention." Those words ought to do it.

If your cat has the capability he or she might take you on as a student. I have had this experience with cats before. Granted - by the time I stated that to a particular cat I had already had many, many interactions with spiritual cats.

I have heard many people say that they have had these experiences with dogs and horses and birds and other things and I have had some of these experiences as well but I'm speaking to you about this today because of being reminded about the blogger friends experience.

I do not feel it is my place to tell her that her cat is doing this or that but on the other hand it has stimulated me to remind you that animals do nothing without a purpose.

It is very important to know that their purpose is not always rudimentary. It's not always - they need to eat, they need to go out - something like that. It is often very subtle and frequently has to do with protecting you if they are a beloved pet.

In the case of the recent "attack" of the blogger friend, I have looked at this and realize that there was a discomforting energy present in the room that the cat was not able to remove by interacting with the spirit. I am not saying that there are malevolent spirits per se and this spirit was not specifically malevolent but it was lost.

This happens and there are ways to help them to find their way home and I will speak about that another time on another post but for right now I'll simply say that the cat could not deflect the spirit and was concerned that it would harm her beloved friend and therefore as a last resort made the effort to wake her friend.

Keep in mind that cats and your beloved pet whoever they are always have a reason for what they are doing. I will say more about these things in time.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Louis said...

Although I don't have a cat now I did have one for many years. Or maybe it's more correct to say the cat had me. I was never convinced I was in control. But yes, cats are wonderful beings. Very mysterious at times. They can see into the invisible worlds with ease. At least I think I have that information correct. Wonderful post, Robert.

BTW, I'm liking this blogging. I have to hold myself back to keep from posting too much.


Robert Shapiro said...

Louis, I'm glad you enjoyed my latest cat post. Yes, I can attest to the fact from my personal experience that cats can see into spaces that we do not readily see ourselves - however I have given some instructions in the past (
species-part-2.html) on how to see through the eyes of your cat if they know you and feel good about you.

I'm glad that you're enjoying blogging and I completely understand about your wanting to blog more then you feel comfortable with. It kinda grows on you doesn't it :-)

Goodlife my friend.