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The Wand Position
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Monday, March 19, 2007

Future Memories

Do you know about future memories? Have you ever seen someone or even something that looks vaguely familiar or there's something about them that you look at that seems to have a resonance within you. You know you haven't seen them before or perhaps they're even a movie star or on television and yet there's something about their smile or their eyes, the way they move, the way they walk that looks familiar.

Sometimes, granted, this may be because of some past encounter that you've had - perhaps not even recalling with whom but there are other times when this expression, this look, this walk, this appearance is actually a portion of something yet to come.

Maybe for instance, you meet that special person at long last - yes - and you are together even for a time and suddenly that person smiles and ah - there it is! That's the smile that you saw that made you wonder - why do I know that smile?

There it is on that special person or perhaps in the case of an object that struck you as being somehow familiar or somehow there was meaning in it that you didn't remember and then someday you have that special car or piece of furniture or even a home that has some architectural detail that you look at and you realize ah - that's it - that's why it looked familiar.

It is possible to encounter future memories. I'm calling them future memories because you remember in the future that you had had this experience and this feeling in the past.

I've often wondered whether there isn't some connection here with deja vu but I feel that deja vu may have some other touchstones associated with it as well.

Nevertheless, if you see something special, something that causes you to resonate and feel good don't necessarily assume that it is that person or that thing. Perhaps it's something that's yet to be in your life or some special someone who has yet to arrive.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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