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The Wand Position
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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Gentle Influence With The Weather: Tornados Part 4

I have given you a primer on the purpose and the intention of the homework you can begin with on tornados.

Again as I said before it is not my intention to arm you with something that you might use to harm yourself or others nor is it even possible as built in to this homework I'm giving you is benevolent magic that keeps that from happening. However I have a strong belief in our capabilities as human beings and I have an equally strong belief in the value of you who are reading this and it will make a more benevolent world in times to come. I believe that you can contribute to that world by working with Mother Earth.

Understand that Mother Earth has portions of her being not unlike our own anatomy and the functions of our body. We have our immune system. It functions for the most part within our bodies. Mother Earth has an immune system as well but what we see of it functions on the outside of her body with storms and winds of all types.

Mother Earth does not discourage any and all types of energy from being upon her from any and all types of beings but if the energies become concentrated in a way that is destructive she will use her winds in different forms, her rains and her lightening and loud sound to disperse that energy into a wide area and by doing so create a thinner concentration that can be dissolved in more easily done manners not unlike we might do to clean a stain.

When you start cleaning the stain in the carpet or clothing it tends to spread around a bit and then dissipate. This is what Mother Earth does as well.

I believe that you could learn the fundamentals of working with Mother Earth's energy. It is not your job to make tornados go away nor any strong storms but if you can encourage them to move around that which it does not have to strike and allow it to pass near it but not right through it where it can cause great harm then it is my intention to encourage that.

If we can have a tornado move around something and not harm life and property so much the better but there will be many times when you will make requests like this that Mother Earth will have to move that tornado where she sees fit.

It doesn't mean that anyone or anything that is harmed is the source of energy that is harmful to her body. Very often we as human beings do not understand when we build things, when we gather, when we have our animals someplace that it is a place that Mother Earth has plans to redistribute the energy and Mother Earth's plans considering her life span might not happen in a year from now or two years from now. It might happen fifty or a hundred, a hundred and fifty years from now and her plan is to move her tornado through there a hundred and fifty years from now whenever that now is.

We can but ask using these methods I have begun to share with you that that tornado go around that place and I will in times to come give you more information on these things but I've given you enough for now to practice.

I will do more soon on the weather. If you feel you wish more of this let me know. If you do not wish more also let me know. I believe and I trust in your value, your capability, your honor and your integrity and I believe in Mother Earth.



Steve said...

I want to respond to what you've asked Robert. I guess what I feel I wish for now is more understanding of the "energetic anatomy" of the human and in keeping with the theme how that connects/relates to Mother Earth.. I am liking the understanding of Earth's ways as a metaphor to the body. Thank you for all that you share. I am grateful.

Louis said...

This has been a fine series. I certainly would like to see more. I'm wondering if any information might come through on dealing with earthquakes. I know you personally went through a fairly big one a few months back and I live in a quake prone area myself.

Robert Shapiro said...

Louis, thank you for your comment my friend.

I didn't plan on doing earthquakes immediately but I'll see if I can add it in to this series or another before too long. I will be continuing this series though, so you can expect that.

Goodlife my friend.

Robert Shapiro said...

Steve, thank you for your comment and your interest in the correlation between the energetic anatomy of our own being and the being of Mother Earth of whom we are a portion.

Of course you understand that the physical qualities of our bodies are made up of Mother Earth's body and of course we cannot overlook the fact that given the compatibility between Mother Earth's body and our own body that Mother Earth, as I believe feels a sense of communion between us physically and I believe - spiritually.

I grant that we have not fully integrated that mentally and I do believe we are working on it on the feeling level now. This is why there is so much passion and compassion I believe, for the animals and for Earth itself as we are working through our feelings of how we relate to this beautiful planet.

I will say more about this in time my friend. Thank you for your interest.