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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gently Influencing The Weather: Hurricanes Part 4

The last few posts I have been talking about hurricanes and it is important to note that I have every confidence in your ability and capability.

At least some of you are interested in pursuing this to accomplish some of these things or I would not give you this homework. I do not expect you, given the frequency and the amount of homework I have been suggesting over the past few weeks, to be able to do all this weather work.

I realize you have lives and you have other things to do to say nothing of work and family and friends but I am considering that it is an investment you see and I feel you all are a very good investment with benevolent returns that I am sure of - even if you are unable to do this work it is important for you to know that it is possible. I know it's possible and others know this too.

It is because of this confidence I have in you, and a belief born out by my experience and my interactions with Mother Earth and our physical capabilities as well as my shamanic experience over the years that this is possible and that Mother Earth - and I believe Creator wants us to learn these things, that I am suggesting this kind of homework.

I believe that we are intended to come to this planet with all of its problems and difficulties and built in challenges to say nothing of what occurs because of our societies, our conditioning and our ways of life - I believe that we are to come here to this most challenging place and to use Benevolent Magic and yes Living Prayer as I've discussed on my other blog and also to exercise our shamanic and mystical capabilities to solve the impossible. In my experience I have found that the impossible can be solved which makes it simply the possible if we know how.

It is my intention here to share with you my experience and to help you to be able to move past the impossible and broaden your world of the possible. We can solve impossible things and if we can do this with the weather perhaps we can even solve some of our own challenges with each other.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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