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The Wand Position
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Friday, March 16, 2007

Responses In A World Of Inspiration

In the mystical world of the shamanic person after years of training and practicing one is responsive. Very often one can be responsive to the unknown - meaning something comes up either because of someone or possibly something since you're not sure it's someone and you simply respond.

This is because so much training has gone on that many people of the shamanic cut of cloth do not even remember how much they've learned. Sometimes then they respond to a situation based upon something they have been taught but other times because their pathways of inspiration are so clear they are able to respond without actually having been taught.

It is a action often with energy that is responsive to the cue of the moment.

What do I mean by cue of the moment? It is possible that spirit might contact you or even a specific spirit. It is also possible that a circumstance perhaps near you, perhaps on the other side of the world that you've heard about touches your heart and you desire to do something.

It is possible - many different things and you don't ask yourself - what do I do about that? You just respond.

This is not so different from other walks of life when one responds because of a heart reaction.

I bring this up because it is in the nature of the mystical and shamanic world that response occurs every day many times a day. This is not a job that is anything else but seven days a week and every moment you're awake and a great many moments when you're actually asleep.

I'm not trying to talk any of you out of your attraction to this way of life, this way of being - yes this profession. I am rather suggesting to you that as rewarding as it is based upon the good feelings you get from doing good things for others it is also demanding and even though you be doing this or that - duty yes, the duty that is visited upon you by what you know and what you can do calls very often. It is such a rewarding work to have though.

I'm just bringing it up because I feel that so many of us are responsive aren't we and very often we feel good about that response and I believe those that are responded to also feel good. It is the wheel of life isn't it. It goes around and it goes around and I believe that our travel on it will get better as time and experience goes on.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Louis said...

Yes, you are so right. We respond to all kinds of situations. Sometimes we are aware that we have been used in some manner to help someone along their way by providing a bit of light or some supporting energy...often times never knowing their identity.

It's worth any amount of effort that's required though, isn't it?


Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Louis for your comment.

So often yes, we are called upon unexpectedly or even subtly to do what we can and yet in our world - very often we serve and are served by many. I know you know this.

I believe that our nature is to serve and be served and that we really do not have to know everything - for if we do not know something someone else does.

I feel it is in the nature of the true one that we are gradually reclaiming this true world of our own. Someday it shall be - perhaps sooner then we all think.

Goodlife my friend.