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The Wand Position
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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Thunder

I know that in this day and age we all feel quite sure, backed by science, what things are - and yet perhaps there's another reason why the things we take for granted exist.

Today I'd like to talk about thunder. I have spoken just recently about lightning. Thunder is intended by Mother Earth to provide a reassurance of her status as a living being.

We all know that those whom we consider to be alive - life forms yes - are much more so in our minds if they make sounds.

There was research many years ago because scientists were thrilled that dolphins and whales seemed to have a wide variety of sounds and even in the eyes of those researchers, those particular beings seemed to have a greater sense of beingness - even discernible different personalities.

It is also the case isn't it when we have our dog or cat or bird or horse or whatever pet you have that when they make sounds we are conscious that they are beings.

I'm not trying to suggest that just because we can't hear a spider speak or that most birds at a distance do not make sounds that we can hear does not mean that we don't think of them as alive but sounds do make a difference don't they.

We talk to each other and we listen to each other, at least hopefully yes, but when Mother Earth makes sounds we don't always think of them as communication.

There are different rumbling sounds of thunder - sometimes it is quite strong. Truly - something you might consider when hearing the sound itself that if there were an exclamation point after it you wouldn't be surprised. We all have heard such things. I am suggesting that Mother Earth is actually making those sounds herself.

It is not simply a fact of science. Science is a fine tool. It helps us to be able to produce and reproduce things and to understand certain elements in a certain way but science can also explain our voices. It can explain the function of sounds that we make based upon various criteria but it does not really attempt to explain does it - what we say and the meaning behind it.

No, it doesn't really attempt to explain what the sound of thunder says and the meaning behind it either in terms of communication.

Consider the next time you hear thunder that you are hearing Mother Earth speak. If it is a low rumble off in the distance it is reassuring to know that Mother Earth is still alive performing her bodily functions but if it is a sudden crack that gets your attention because it's close or simply because Mother Earth has something to say with an exclamation point than it's important to consider - not just what she's speaking about but that her voice is loud and that she is letting us know with a reminder that she is most definitely a living being.

I am not here today to state what she is saying though I may comment on that in the future, I'm just here to remind you that Mother Earth is alive.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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