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The Wand Position
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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Messages For Us

Awakening from a long sleep is what is going on - not only for human beings as I've discussed on these blogs before here but also many animals and even plants.

Now you might ask - since I've said before that they are conscious - the animals, the plants and since I've spoken so much about the animals here and for example these posts about the plants and that they remember who they are - you might ask what I mean by that.

What I mean is that, for a long time most animals and many plants have been in a condition where they were determined to pass on their messages to us but such is the level of their suffering that the desire by them has been to move on and by moving on I do not mean just dying suddenly but rather to not reproduce - and if you look around you'll notice that many nonhumans in the wild are reproducing less in many ways.

There are some who are exceptions especially in the nonhuman world and occasionally, very occasionally in the plant world.

They have decided and come to an agreement with Creator that what they will do is leave their messages in the soil for us and that is why the soil is so important.

We grow our food in the soil - yes. We walk on it but we rarely walk on the soil barefooted. Oh we'll walk on the beach barefooted and children will sometimes run and play in the grass and adults sometimes too but I feel that it's important to suggest to you that you find a spot where the dirt is safe to walk on - no broken glass or anything like that - and you go there someday and just stand on the soil barefooted if you can or walk around if you like - whatever feels safe and comfortable - and while you're doing that, if at any point you feel a very good and benevolent energy you can if you like just breathe normally.

I'm not going to suggest that you breathe in through the bottoms of your feet as I've taught. I'm going to suggest rather that you breathe normally and allow that good energy to be present for you until it fades or until you have to move on for some other reason.

After you have that experience then if you can put on your shoes shortly thereafter or if you prefer you can sit down for a time - it's up to you but what will have happened is that a message left by nonhumans, essentially animals - perhaps insects as we call them or others, which may be very important for human beings to know will have been left there with that energy because when they leave that energy there there are always angelics present so that the message is preserved.

It may not go to everyone, it will just go to those who feel good in that spot - and of course there will be many different places and some messages are attuned in such a way as they'll be just right for this person or just right for that person. So don't feel funny if you don't get that feeling right off, it might happen in time.

After that keep an eye on your dreams and see if you get any sudden inspirations that are benevolent for you or others or some startling insights into your awareness of what humanity is all about.

I feel it's important to not only allow the animals and plants to be released from their duty to us, as they have seen it in the past but also it's important to thank them for carrying that wisdom for us for so long.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Seven said...

Very nicely written and communicated.
I think many of us that read here are trying to catch up with your thoughts and understandings. I am, and I consider it a good thing to be doing.

Robert Shapiro said...

Seven, I am appreciative of your good tidings as well as your determination to stay with what it is I am trying to say here.

As you can tell, it is a cumulative statement. It starts at the beginning of both blogs and it builds - and for those of you like yourself who've read it from that point can see better the placement brick by brick, wall by wall until it forms the structures not only of my mind but I believe of the world as it truly exists.

Goodlife my friend.

My name is Silver Bluewater. said...

Hi, Mr.Robert. I think I'm kind of getting what you're trying to say as in world of the shanmanism and the true magic in your perspective. I studied Shinto before and it has some sort shamanic figure and maybe that's why I could catch up - I dare to suppose and it may be wrong - what your intention seems like after watching your posts through for a while. So by your definition I prefer, we have to treat everything in benevolent perspective and so in that way we can be involved in the world of the shamanic and of true magic. Actually, I were interested in these figures such as druid's lost tradition, Budhism's way of enlightment, Shinto's belief of spirits and so on. I had an experience of 'talking to trees as if there were the druid' in my youth and I kept those trying even tried to talk to the animals. I think I'm so used to it and treating the matters in benevolent way and so these days I just live without doing it by doing it without the recognition. My benevolent way is different from yours, I suppose. It's something more like 'talking directly to the tree itself'. Yes, I were interested and practiced in figures as what you define as the true magic and shamanism in some perspective of yours, I dare to prefer. My belief is that everything has 'the spirit kind of thing' in this world. Please don't get me wrong here. I felt it for sure by my self-recognition and I were very 'calm' and 'logical' at the time I would 'prefer'. By the way, I have not thought about the possibility of 'talking' to the ants or so the insects. I actually don't like insects so I think. I don't like insects for real. It's gross! I don't like their atmosphere(or so the mood) that I feel, I would say.
I like the animals. I talked to street cats for instance and I got quite great response from them. Calling me for the food, howling for just calling me and so on. It was a nice experience. I were actually writing a physics model and thinking to continue it. I focus on finding 'the answer'(whatever it is) although I have not done it consciously till these days. In other words, I'm just full of curiosity in a simple term and that's why I like your posts so much. I wish you have luck on your journey. : )

Robert Shapiro said...

Silver Bluewater, thank you for your explanation of your life and spiritual pursuits. I am happy to see how well you have integrated them into your day to day living style.

I do not think that we are that different really. Perhaps I've been here a little longer and have had the opportunity to discover that many life forms have feelings like we do and many of them are prepared to communicate in some form when they are able and not unlike us, when they are not able or when they are involved in other things that they must do because that's who they are and that's how they survive then they are not able to speak to us in that moment in the way we would like.

Still I do appreciate your ongoing interest and your awareness that the whole point of everything I'm attempting to do on this blog and on my other is all about how we can express in the most benevolent way our true personalities and how we can support our fellow beings, our world and our existence with the most benevolent magic and the most benevolent characteristics of ourselves as possible.