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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Path To True Communion

Now, when you read this you will have begun to notice subtle changes in the way you feel things. You will find that the physical feelings in your body are much more sensitive.

It does not matter - your profession or your path in life. This is something physical and it's happening for us all from the inside out - meaning what we feel in our areas where we first feel things - meaning for most of us that would be in our stomach or abdomen.

What is happening is that we are becoming sensitive to communication from others. You have heard of, or perhaps you know someone like this or perhaps you are like this now, people who can tell the difference between what a person is saying and what they are feeling and therefore perceive the contradiction in communication. We're all going to be like that now and that level of co-ordination is going to vastly improve the quality of our communication.

If however this is to work well people need to know about it so you don't just find yourself constantly doubting what other people are saying to you - have you had that experience lately - even with friends, family, loved ones or they say something to you but you doubt it? That might be because they're distracted.

They are thinking about one thing and saying another or more likely these days, they are feeling something strongly but they are speaking something to you in the course of conversation or because it is necessary to say in that moment or perhaps they are just being polite.

You see, sometimes being polite is not the best road to communication. A lot of people know that but most of those people are not in positions of influence or leadership.

In fact most of them are fairly young. A lot of people born in the past 10 to 15 years are born with this capacity - did you know that?

If you find yourself listening and feeling and noting the contradiction and you've been doing that for a while you were probably born with that. If on the other hand you find that being the case for you now - you've already come into it and there it is.

In many cases you won't be able to say much about it but just know that just because you are feeling a difference in what a person feels and what they say does not always mean you can't trust them - it might mean that they simply don't know about this and if you feel an opening, if you feel an opportunity to discuss it with them - not just a gap in conversation but to say, "Do you know, I've been having this experience lately and a lot of others are having it too" and then you describe what you experience but you don't say anything to them about it - you don't try to talk them into it.

You just let them know that you're experiencing that and that you know other people that are experiencing it as well, if you do. If you don't you can find them easy enough on the internet or with internet friends.

I'm bringing this to your attention now because it is so vitally important and it's going to vastly, in time, improve communication to the point where it's true communion - meaning what you say to me is in concordance with what you're feeling so I can absolutely believe that it's true for you and what I say to you is in concordance with what I'm feeling and you can tell that so you know it's absolutely true on the basis of what I feel.

Think about it. If you could trust what somebody else was saying because they felt it and they believed it you could make real plans. You could discover real allies. You could discover real friends and you could plan your life accordingly.

This is coming for us all but you must know that that's so. I'll say more about this as time goes on.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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