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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Rhythms Of The Earth

Do you know about the rhythms of the Earth. I'm not talking about the seasons but rather the rhythms.

The rhythms have to do with Mother Earth's actual feelings, her moods as it were, which are - if not entirely predictable you can in fact gauge them on the basis of how you as a person feels.

Generally this will play out in one of the following ways. You may have a time of the year or three or four times a year perhaps when you feel attracted to certain foods and foods that you've always loved suddenly either do not sit well in your body or are simply not of interest to you anymore and that can run for up to 6 weeks but then it will fade and you will resume your normal eating habits.

Then they're other ways it can reveal itself. If you are in a romantic relationship you might find that the way you relate both intimately and casually to your mate will change for a time.

It might express itself different ways - for example you might normally like to go out, be with friends, go places, do things but then all of a sudden for no apparent reason not having anything to do with the other person though you might logically try to figure it out that way - neither one of you has any interest in going out, going to see friends, being with friends - in short it would be an actual change in your behavior but that too along the same timing passes and then you resume your normal activities.

It can also be something that expresses itself in other ways but the ways that you feel it for yourself will have a definite timing mechanism similar to the one I've spoken to.

As I say it may not be something that you can gauge with the calendar - oh it's time for a rhythm of the Earth - it may not be like that at all but it will happen 2, 3 sometimes 4 times a year.

This always has to do with Mother Earth being engaged with other planets. There are of course other planets in this solar system and she is at times called upon to engage with other planets not unlike you might be called upon to have activities with people you don't normally relate to.

In this sense she is not quite as connected to those people and plants and animals on her surface and even slightly under her surface. It amounts to - if you were able to gauge Mother Earth's moods and some of you might be able to do this - it amounts to a change of mood in a person that would feel like a change of mood. For Mother Earth it always has to do with her relating to beings away from herself.

If you take a look at that when you or I or others that we know find themselves relating to other people that they don't often interact with there's a tendency for your overall personality to change in how you relate to everyone and everything but then when that time passes your normal personality returns.

I thought you might like to know about this because it helps to explain things that seems to be at the least anomalies in our lives and sometimes it can be greater and create a strain in friendships, relationships and with workmates and so on.

If you know about these rhythms of the Earth you won't assume that it's somebody's capricious behavior or somebody's up to something - no. This has to do with the Earth and since our physical bodies are made of the earth, well then - very simply we must be what we are.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


My name is Eeun(Silver) Chung(Bluewater) said...

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I wish you luck on your journey.

PS - I'm really not a type of the person to write the things in unnecessary manner. I guess I would not really write anything about your posts which is related about your greatness shown on the post at least since you're really a great man that I do think it is unnecessary to write such comments.

Robert Shapiro said...

Silver Bluewater, thank you for your comments.

I do know about these experiments with the plants and I am happy that you know about them and may choose to write about them as well.

Remember always on your journey that everything is alive. We have feelings yes and all life has feelings.

I know that you will provide the best service that you are able.

Goodlife on your path.

My name is Eeun(Silver) Chung(Bluewater) said...
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