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The Wand Position
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Friday, May 18, 2007

Sending Safety To Where You Must Go

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew you were going to be exposed to people, places, things, even environments that were not only stressful to you but were under stress themselves or perhaps even worse and you felt like you really just couldn't take any more or the means you've been using to insulate and protect yourself have been drained from you.

Given that, I'd like to suggest you do this. If you have warning before you go there even for a couple of minutes ask that all of the benevolent energy and beings both spiritual and physical - meaning in this sense animals, plants lend you the energy you need for that moment. Then if you feel something wherever you feel that energy, as long as it is a good feeling and you can recognize a good feeling by now if you've been studying mystical man and my other blog as well as this one, then that place or those places on your body breathe very gently in through that part of your body that feels good. Most likely it will be the top of your head or the back of your neck but it might be some other place.

Then hold your right hand out with your palm facing down. You can shift the position of your legs if you like and blow gently - try to make sure if at all possible that your hand is not aiming towards any person or animal or plant - meaning tree in this case - so it's alright to blow somewhat up in the sky - and blow as you can imagine or feel through your right hand with your palm facing down towards that location where that situation awaits you.

If you can at the same time imagine or see, some of you will be able to see, a gold light come out either as a ribbon, a stream or cloud or just a sensation come out of your hand and go to that location where you must go - after you've done this for 1, maybe 2 breaths tops then say this living prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that this location.." (you can name the place if you wish) " welcoming for me now in the safest and most benevolent way and that I be insulated and protected from harm during my entire stay there in the most benevolent way for me."

Try to say that out loud or at least whisper it. That's what I recommend. This can work for all people's in all situations. It would be helpful if you are going to be benevolent there. It won't work if you're intending to cause harm to others but it may work at least to a degree if you're going to try to prevent harm to all.

Still - use it in whatever situation that presents itself and know that if it doesn't work the way you like you may have to examine either what you did there or the larger picture of the event there.

It can be a very good thing and also if you like - on other occasions where you're not sure what to expect you could say, "I am asking that I be insulated and protected from harm in the most benevolent way for me now and that I have with me in my heart and lungs the energy that I need to be safe, to be courageous and most importantly to have love, heart and hope."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Louis said...

Hi Robert,

This is not connected with the subject here but I wanted you to know I just finished reading your article in SJE, "The Awakening-Removing The Veils." It described very accurately the experience I had recently. I already had a conscious connection with all of life but nothing to compare with what I'm aware of now. The timing of the article was perfect.


Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Louis for your remarks about my latest article in the Sedona Journal of Emergence.

I appreciate you sharing your experience as well.

Thank you my friend. Goodlife.

My name is Eeun(Silver) Chung(Bluewater) said...

Hi, Mr.Robert. Gash, I'm really amazed that my practice has really things in common in some perspective(at least, I think) with you. My practice is somewhat like when I feel something is maliciously disturbing me(it may be represented as the spiritual sense in the closest meaning) that I put my 'will' toward the subject in such form and way of cutting palm,fist or any part of body that I feel most effective by the situation. The forms and numbers become also important in three dimensional way. For instance, five starts representing 'purification', then I give a shot toward the 'malicious disturbing perceived thing' when it seems most appropriate. For instance, giving off five fist shots of blow toward the matter in the feeling of the most effective way so it becomes removed. Oh, by the way I have a good news by looking at this post. I think I can explain these type of practice or occurance in 'psychological perspective(s)' as well as 'physics perspective(s)'. Actually, I'm on the way already doing it. Wow! It was real amazement to find you doing something in almost exactly congruent in behavioral perspective(s). Before going far enough to explain these type of practice or occurance, it was(and is also in my perspective) prior to define somewhat in perspective of the general psychology so that the way can be arranged in orderly matter. Moreover, I really do feel in a way that I would like to share my practice basically in a very short comparison to yours publically to anybody so whoever has the interest can use it right away practicing yours. I actually tried to keep my own way of practicing in somewhat closed form and maybe I were wrong. I made up my mind to just reveal everything I got pretty much(in terms of everything that can be transferred to others as far as I can deliver and so where my ability reaches at most). Oh, actually I visited for reading your post and to provide some more detailed information to previous comment about the 'care'. My 'care' is most likely to be explained in the way of benevolent in your perspective. In my perspective, 'care' is just a 'care'. Nothing else. I actually examined myself pushing to the maximum degree of 'caring animals or/and plants' and doing other various experiments at the same time. I became to conclude that 'care' is just a 'care'. Nothing else. At the very same time, I became so used to my own practice that I unconsciously can do certain things of caring to the element(s) around me even to the degree that others around me do not notice it or the moment. My 'care' became just providing the 'care' and nothing like benevolent although it may be seen as benevolent sometimes. More like just calm and logical providing 'care' where the appropriate 'care' is exactly implied in amount and type. That's it pretty much for my 'care' explanation, I guess at least for you.;-) So, I'm not having any kind of 'strange one' looks anymore since then. I were in kind of a rush writing last comment. 'I wish you luck in your journey. :)'x2

My name is Eeun(Silver) Chung(Bluewater) said...

PS - a simple typo. 'That's it pretty much for my 'care' explanation, I guess at least for you.' -> 'That's it pretty much for my 'care' explanation, I guess at least enough for you.'

PS 2 - I just hardly feel any reason to describe anything dedicated to my practice in orderly way like you by looking at your posts. It seems like a little bit really long one post will do the job to tell the difference(s). I've thought about this for a while, Our perspective might be a little not same, and still it is really same in some perspective(s) for most of the points, I think. Particularly such as 'the flow'. I do even feel just like what you said by now. "I do not think that we are that different really."

Robert Shapiro said...

Silver Bluewater, thank you for your comment. I appreciate your efforts to translate your experience as best you are able not only in feeling but in thought and of course also - to English.

I am attempting to understand the nuances of what you are saying as well as to be clear in general on your post here.

Still I would like to continue to welcome you to make your comments and to explain your world view here.