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The Wand Position
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Fire

There is a way Mother Earth creates renewal and I think we all know what that is. It is not a pleasant thing in most cases but it is used in ways that do incorporate a form of cleansing.

It is known, at least in the past, that when doctors and other health practitioners need to use instruments to safely work on their patients that they use heat in order to clean their instruments and there are other professions that use heat in order to say - work metal so that it can be made into forms that serve us in some way - and yet what about Mother Earth.

She gives this example of heat by creating fire through lightning or volcanism and other methods. For instance there might be a reflection off of something - a piece of glass, a piece of metal - some dry brush and poof. In other words all fires are not caused by human carelessness. No, a great many of them are caused by natural means.

Mother Earth does not have a resentment against life on her body - plants, animals, people but she does require that she uses her actual elements to keep her body refreshed.

I am not saying that fire is good in all cases for it causes a great deal of suffering to us all and that cannot be avoided and yet we are fascinated by it are we not. We are so fascinated that it is not unusual for people to build a fire in a fireplace even in the warm months simply because of the pleasure we get looking at a log burn, even a manufactured log and the way the flames go.

There is a certain mystical attraction to the flame and I will say a little more about that just now. Fire, you see, burns on its own accord. It goes where it is attracted to, not unlike water, and it moves in a way that recreates form.

We consider at the deep level of our own being that the recreation of form must have something to do with Creator. After all, Creator sparks life on our planet with that soul that is in each and every one of us - plants, animals, humans - yes and therefore when we see an element that is of Mother Earth recreating form it strikes a familiar chord within us and as long as it is recreating that form in a way that feels safe to us we feel as if we are observing something almost holy in action.

And yet, even though some religions identify fire as a element of change wrought by Creator there are others that consider fire to be - yes that element but also to be considered something holy and sacred. Hence candles in churches, temples and other places of worship.

It is a ongoing conundrum however why we consider that the use of fire as a punishment or as a way of enforcing our will on others is also used. My feeling is that fire is meant to be honored as a natural means of renewal that is a part of Mother Earth's personality and considering the damage that it can do as well as its beauty and its capacity for renewal my feeling is that it is best to allow it to be yes - adjudicated if you like - to be provided by those beings who feel the most confident in expressing it as part of their personalities.

Creator yes, Mother Earth yes but not so much something that we who feel we have the capacity to control it but often it leaps out of our control - perhaps its not something that we can yet express as part of our own personalities.

Given that, it has an eternal quality and in my experience the eternal is best left to beings who are eternal.

I am not saying - don't use fire. I am saying use it with respect, use it with caution and recognize that it is all about the change of life we all go through, the cycles of life we all go through and the nature of the re-formation of matter by eternal spirit. Respect yes, honor yes and keep our distance with that respect. Fire - a element of nature.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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