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The Wand Position
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Friday, June 01, 2007

Continuing Your Instinct Education, Part 1

There is a time coming soon I feel it's good for you to know about.

You may notice the new buds on the trees or even flowers as we experience springtime all over and summertime as well in some places here in the northern hemisphere. Other places on our planet is wintertime - the change of seasons.

There is a change of seasons coming for us too, the human race. For a long time we've been in a season of conflict both within ourselves and with each other. Not all the time, not everywhere but at times - some places. This season is drawing to a close.

This is why so many of us have a heightened state of physical awareness about us, not because we're going to experience something horrible physically but rather because it is safe now to feel. Safe to sense, safe to use our instincts which is why the books I've written in the Shamanic Secrets series as seen here, here and here are so very important now and in times to come I will on my other blog Explorer Race put a few quotes there from those books but for now I feel it's important for you to know that all this talk, all this homework and all this refresher information I've been providing for you on this blog and on my other are entirely about this season coming.

It is the season of physical awareness having to do with our personal instinct that allows us to know who, what and where is safe for us or is benevolent for us and who, what and where is for others.

It is not that something is so much good or bad - oh of course there is what is obviously good or bad eh - but what I'm referring to is that there will be things, people, places that are meant for you and there will be things, people and places that are meant for others. It's important to know the difference.

The difference is very simple. You will feel it physically, usually in your gut that something doesn't feel quite right and if you just turn away from that person, place or thing - turn a little bit to the left - if your gut relaxes than you will know that in that moment that person, place or thing is not right for you. It may not be permanent, it might only be fleeting but in that moment something else is for you.

I have said a lot about instinct here - for example and also here and on my other blog. I will be saying more about that in times to come.



Lynilu said...

Your recent comment on my blog falls in line with this post. It was interesting, surprising and reassuring to me when I arrived in this area where I have now settled, that it felt right. I could not explain it, but I knew I should be here. In retrospect I believe I was drawn here because this place nurtures me and allows me to express myself in ways that I believe I would not have experienced had I moved on to the areas that I originally planned to live. My creative instincts would not have been so encouraged.

One of my personal challenges has been to allow the instinctual process to work without my self-limiting "logic" slowing the growth. Most days it works. The others ... well, therein lies the challenge!

Thanks for the thought provoking posts, Robert.

Robert Shapiro said...

Lynilu, thank you for sharing your experience with instinct and for illustrating to a fine point its capability and your desire to apply it.

Goodlife my friend.