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The Wand Position
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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Continuing Your Instinct Education, Part 3

Now that you have done the homework I'm going to suggest a little more so that you can sharpen up your instincts.

See if you can find a friend who has also done this homework or who you can expose the homework to and that they go out and do it. Preferably this is not to be your mate but it can be if there is no one else.

Then this is what I recommend. Again go out on the land if you possibly can or if not, someone's big back yard with as little distraction as possible.

Then stand as far away from each other as you possibly can even if you have to stand on a diagonal but I would prefer that you have nothing between you - no yard play equipment or anything like that - so you want to have clear space between the two of you, you understand. Just like the tree - clear space so that you can feel.

Now this is what to do. Again be conscious of your feet as you're walking towards each other. Walk towards each other very slowly.

The moment either one of you feels any discomfort walking towards each other - stop and make some little noise. Don't say a word, just make some little tone loud enough so the other person can hear you - alright. You could even clear your throat if you like. Just so the other person can hear you because there's no guarantee they will be looking at you. They might be looking down at their feet. They might be glancing at something else.

Then if you relax, alright, and feel better you can begin walking towards each other again but if you don't relax - if you don't feel better - stop and try the homework on another day but before you do the homework either do something physical if you can like running or walking quickly or whatever your exercise program is and then try this.

If it still is such that you feel uncomfortable as you approach each other even from a great distance or from a short distance - stop. Say, "Goodlife" to each other and that is the end of the homework - but if you feel comfortable, remember walking very slowly towards each other, walk up to each other and if one of you - either one - is uncomfortable make the tone and then say, "Goodlife" and the homework is over - but if you both feel comfortable walk up so that you are within 3 feet of each other but no closer than 2 feet of each other then if you wish and you still feel comfortable each of you reach out with your left hand or your right hand - but if you use your left hand then the other person also use their left hand so it's left to left or right to right you understand.

Then reach out with your palm down and your fingers curled but not made into a fist just curled in a natural relaxed way - reach very slowly towards each other as if you were going to touch each other with your curled fingers.

At any moment either one of you feels uncomfortable make the tone and stop. You can if you like relax for a moment and see if that helps and then continue very slowly. If you feel comfortable then reach forward and touch each other very briefly - no more than 3 seconds with your curled fingers.

Then pull your arm back and relax and move back a few paces. Then you may look at each other and thank each other - out loud, "Thank you, goodlife" something like that and that's it - the homework is over.

Now this homework is designed to help you to become clearer on who is safe and comfortable for you to approach. You understand, this is all about building up your physical discernment and if you do not feel comfortable at any point with the other person it does not mean this person is not good for you. Keep in mind that this homework might have to be done, tried you understand, with several different people until you find the right person who's fingers you can touch briefly - alright.

This is important to understand - if at any time you find that it is uncomfortable, alright, it does not mean that the person is not good for you or they're not safe for you though that is always a possibility. More likely it is because you are nervous or you are starting this without enough practice with the trees.

Always remember that the practice with the trees is the best way to develop your primary discernment to know what is safe for you to approach and then you can try it with a person.

It is absolutely essential that both people want to do this.

I do not recommend that an adult do this with a child. It is alright if youngsters wish to do it with each other but there ought to be some adult supervision nearby so that it is done with honor and gentleness. I would recommend that and if the child or the youngsters don't have any interest in doing it don't try to talk them into it parents or brothers or sisters. This is something to be tried only if you have interest. Only if both parties are willing and wanting to engage this process - alright - I make myself clear? Alright, I'll say more about this in time.


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