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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tidal Waves - Here's Something You Can Try

There will be times now when those of you who have been studying my Benevolent Magic blog and this one as well as other wisdom you have acquired and applied will need to act. There are things that can be done - I'm going to share another one with you today. I have spoken about these matters before in other places but a little bit for you here now.

When tidal waves - also known as tsunami's - are predicted, if you are living in such a place, while of course it is good to do as the authorities suggest - to be prepared, to help, to take proper actions - there is something you can do also that will help.

If you can find out the general direction of where the tidal wave might be coming from, that's useful but not essential.

Let's say you're on the coast somewhere, anywhere on a coast near the ocean. What to do - and you don't have to go right to the beach but if you're there that's fine also - this is what to do. First ask that you experience all of the benevolent energy that is available for you in that moment and wait a moment and see if you feel something, many of you will.

Once you have done that then have your left arm aimed down at the ground regardless of whether you're left or right handed. Try to have your palm facing your leg open handed about 2 to 3 inches from your leg and with your right arm out in front of you and your right leg stepped forward a bit align yourself up so that you are parallel with the shore and begin moving your right arm with your palm facing in the position as if you were going to shake hands with someone and your arm outstretched.

Move in arcs back and forth level with the ground if you are standing on level ground or level with the sea in front of you but with your arm straight in front of you. Move your arm so that your hand when it goes to the right has the back of your hand in that direction. When you get all the way to the right, not turned around - just all the way to the right comfortably for you then flip your hand over with your thumb on the bottom in a relaxed position but not aimed at the ground and move your hand and arm in the opposite direction towards the left.

Then back and forth always with the back of your hand aimed in the direction you are moving your arm. You use the back of your hand because this is a request you are making of Mother Earth. You don't use your palm for this motion because that is more demanding.

Try to aim your hand, if you are up high - say on a mountain, down towards the sea or if you are close to level with the sea, just aim it level with the sea. Don't aim it under the sea if you can or too far above just generally towards the sea.

The purpose of this, and it does work pretty well, is to encourage the tidal wave - so to speak which is really just an increase in sea level for a time - to encourage it to go around the place you are in. You might think that that's not possible but I have discovered that water is surprisingly co-operative with the proper request and energy.

Just do that for 3 or 4 or 5 motions back and forth. Then stop, put your arms down at your sides - don't cross your arms, don't cross your legs and wait until the energy fades.

I've had some good experience with that and I've had co-operation from water before to do what may seem to be impossible. I am not saying to do this instead of taking the proper precautions as recommended by your local authorities but I have found this to be of help. That's my recommendation.



Dawn said...

Hi Robert. Been thinking about you in Hawaii during these last few days. Glad you're alright!!! Thanks for posting this information. We live in Santa Monica, CA about a mile from the ocean just up from the Palisades cliffs / rock outcroppings. I know you suggested that people move in about 5 miles, unless you live near cliffs. This information could come in very handy in the near future. Thanks as always for your help!

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Dawn, thanks for your concern and I'm glad to be of help.

Goodlife my friend.