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The Wand Position
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Friday, January 09, 2009

More On Clarity, Part 2

Now last time I talked about knowing the difference between listening to your heart and listening to your fears - which also stimulate feelings.

So a simple thing to do, not necessarily fun. Okay? So...fair warning. Do this in a way and at a time when you are all alone and safe in your home and that will be helpful.

First off, go to that link I put at the beginning of this post and practice that. Get good at it so that you can feel that warmth. That warmth is love. It also creates a broadcast feeling* around you that will radiate all around you, and up to 6 or even 7 feet away from you since it is a personal feeling, a safety zone so that other people if they're sitting next to you are less likely to feel unsafe and certainly less likely to feel as if you represented danger to them. And of course in modern society this is something for which we all become wary at times isn't it - for our personal safety.

So practice that so that you are good at it because you will need to, when you practice the other, be able to not only stop practicing the other for a moment but also be able to ease into something that will be of comfort - alright?

Now for those of you who are actors or performers this will be easy but for those of you who have not done any acting consciously, though you probably have done it unconsciously, or not really something that you thought about in your day to day life just to survive then this is something to bring to your attention.

Now I don't want you to think about something that is too personal but rather pay attention to the news or something you've heard about and for a moment alright, get into a fear of that - not of it happening to you.

Try to see and place yourself in a position of a person who, for example saw the flood waters rising and in the case of something like that it's not as if you are in any great power or control - you understand? There's a limit to what you can do. If you have a boat then you get yourself and your friends and family into the boat and off you go but even so you might leave some things behind that you would have preferred to have remained dry and safe.

So something like that that involves an aspect of Mother Earth for which you have no control and focus on that for a moment.

It will bring up a fear for you but it will not be personalized. You see I don't want you to be acting for a moment - performing, being if you would - a fear of someone or something near you because this is something that can leave residuals in your body.

Now if you do this with fear of flood, or if you have flood all the time and you're used to dealing with it than it can be fear of drought - something that has to do with Mother Earth, focus on that for a moment.

When you feel the physical changes in your'll get tense here or there, you might get annoyed, your mind might start to race so as to try to avoid the physical feeling you have. For some of you this could happen but don't pay so much attention to your thoughts. So then after you have focused on that for just long enough to have physical feelings come up in your body stop focusing on that but focus only on where and what - meaning where in your body you feel a discomfort - a tightening, a sense of urgency and what that feeling feels like.

Of course the more you focus on the physical feeling and not on the fear, that feeling will disappear with some rapidity so you will have to be quick on your feeling feet so to speak.

Now don't do this aspect of the exercise more than twice. I recommend to try and just do it once so that you have an idea of what fear feels like in your body - alright - and of course as you have already practiced the heart warmth which is about love for yourself and tends to radiate into love and support for yourself, and others who may be in your immediate environment so as to put them at ease - alright - because of the feeling of safety that they might have within your proximity, then you will notice the difference.

Now it might be a little unsettling as I said before so then start focusing on the Heart Warmth following the steps that I've laid out before or the means that you use to bring up that warmth in your heart and focus on that for a good 5 minutes. Don't glance at the clock, just make your best guess. If you happen to fall asleep while you're feeling that heart warmth that's fine.

Remember this is to be done someplace in your home or wherever you can be where you feel safe and where you can relax and where you will have the least amount of distraction.

Alright - now this is to bring to your attention and make it crystal clear the difference between listening to your heart and knowing the difference between your heart and the feelings of fear for example or other feelings associated with things that may come up, and often masked as psychology will tell us, from early parts of your life or even current parts that you don't know and don't understand too well. We all have to deal with these things.

Now in order to feel a little more at ease with the process of building on your heart feelings I will say more about these things in time but for now I just want to say - you now know the difference between listening to your heart and listening to your fears. That is my main point in these posts and it is mostly aimed towards those moments when you feel confused about what's what.

When you get good being able to bring up this heart warmth it will not only give your heart permission to come up with that warmth more often but it will also support and sustain your life in other ways.

I believe that one of the reasons people like to be around babies, aside from the fact that you love them if they're your own, is because babies often have this energy when they're born especially if they are born in a gentle way - maybe not so gentle for mother but gentle for baby. Sometimes this can be done, other times it's done in a more modern way. Nevertheless, if baby feels relatively safe and secure they will have this wonderful warmth radiated heart feeling all around and about them.

The reason I bring this up is because when I speak to you about the heart warmth it is not so much something that you have to learn with no knowledge of it - you had this at one time.

We were all babies inside mother once and we all came out and initially had that feeling so my job is to remind you of the feeling and to help to co-ordinate you to that feeling so that you can nurture yourself, you can remind yourself why you came here not only to work on something that may have been missing in your physical knowledge of life on Earth but also to discover and to reacquaint yourself with aspects of Earth life that you may have missed and had grown fond of finding again.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

* Broadcast Feelings on a general level mean simply the feelings that are in the air that may be attached to objects, people, places and things that you may consciously or more likely unconsciously become aware of and even act upon. These feelings are residuals usually from human beings but occasionally from animals or other life forms.

Broadcast Feelings on a personal level mean that that which you physical feel in your body in and around your heart - and sometimes radiating to other parts of your body but originating with your heart since you feel it there also - broadcast feelings on a personal level mean that's what your heart knows is best for you and since your heart is the center of your being - that's right, not your brain even though science does have a tendency to want to suggest that, your heart is the center of your being - then this is a good guide and teacher to follow.


Margie said...

I shall come back tomorrow & read this again, Robert and do the exercise.
It's late & time for me to get my rest.
Thank always!
You are much appreciated!


Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you my friend. Goodlife