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The Wand Position
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

More On Why We Are Here On Earth, Part 2

The two reasons of why we are here are physical feelings to show us that there is an impact on others of what we may think and that there is a reason for us to so thoroughly know something that we do not experience when we are in spirit.

When we are in spirit we do experience a feeling but since the feeling is a combination if you can imagine - a synthesis of calm, happiness, love, yes cheerfulness - it is a constant. We always feel that so that there is a notion in spirit that there is no feelings. There is a feeling, it's just a constant so one does not consider the variation of feeling that we experience here on Earth.

I believe that the other reason why we are here on Earth is because this is a school, as I've said many times, not only to learn what we are learning here but I believe it is a school so that when we have learned this thoroughly that we will be able to teach others who will be coming into a broader range of feeling.

Ultimately physical feeling is something that prompts us to grow. Something might be slightly uncomfortable to somebody eh. Not something painful - oh a draft at the back of your neck, you turn around, you close the window. You forgot you left it open just a crack so there would be some air that came in during the day eh for example, and at night there is a breeze blowing at the back of your neck and you forgot. You get up, close the window - that's that. That kind of a minor annoyance eh - but an annoyance prompted by a feeling to remind you that there is something that needs to be done and then all is well.

I believe that that level of feeling will be incorporated in a much greater portion of the universe so that people can grow. There are people other places, other planets of course but they will need teachers to help them.

Think about it for a moment. If there are people in other parts of the universe who have this constant feeling that I referred to but because it's so constant and so wonderful they are not aware really of feelings the way we are aware of them here then they will need guides. They will need teachers to help them through even the most minor discomfort.

Why would Creator include them even in this level of minor discomfort? I believe that the point is that as wonderful as life is in other parts of the universe that there is no growth as we understand it here - meaning growth and change, adaptation, application, solution - like that.

We have learned that here, we learn it in the most minor ways when we are very young. We learn to tie our shoelaces so we don't trip over them eh? We might have a trip and fall when we are very young and don't really remember that anymore now that we're grown up but then we learn that we may be presented with things that we like but they have perhaps appendages like shoelaces eh and that if we don't tie them well we might trip over them and if we trip over them when we're very young maybe we'll be alright especially because grandmother and grandfather or mom or dad or brother and sister are watching over us and there aren't sharp things to fall on or edges or the rug is soft or they catch us when we're taking our first steps.

We learn in time to tie our shoelaces not because the authority tells us - tie your shoelaces - but rather mom or dad or brother or sister or grandma or grandpa or uncle or aunty explain to us that when our shoelaces are tied we won't trip over them and the shoes will stay on our feet and they'll keep our feet warm and safe.

I picked this simple example because it's something that almost all of us have gone through. We will be able to help others on other planets as we choose to travel there in other lives or perhaps as guides or teachers ourselves or perhaps visitors to help people in other places to learn simple things about minor discomfort so that they might grow.

They're not going to have the drama and the conflict and the struggle that we've had here. We know that discomfort is not meant to get out of hand. We've seen the results of that.

So we will bring that wisdom with us as well but we will just be there to help, to act and to react when necessary in the gentlest and most nurturing way because we have learned here on this planet that that is the way that helps, that is the way that guides and that is the way that is received in the best possible way especially by those who are tender and vulnerable as we know in the case of children and other people who've been living in benevolence on other planets.

While they are very wise in their own way, when it comes to feelings they may very well be very much like children and need our guidance and wisdom that we can offer benevolently. Goodlife to you all.


Margie said...

Thank you Robert, for this wonderful post.
Your wisdom & sharing of it is so much appreciated.


Robert Shapiro said...

You're welcome Margie. Thank you for your thoughtful comments.