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The Wand Position
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Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Nature of True Magic

Why does True Magic work? I'll tell you why. It's Natural Magic. It works with, not against. Always remember that. This is why it is not difficult.

I grant that what I have been teaching you here on Mystical Man and sometimes on my other blogs is something that seems very complicated but I am teaching it to you that way for several reasons.

One - I believe you need to start in a way that performs the True Magic in its steps that break down the process so you're taking little steps, you understand, not because I don't think that you have the capacity to go beyond that because I will get you there if I can in a way that is much smoother and easier but learning does require a certain process and that's why its been slow.

Now True Magic is a form of Natural Magic and I've taught a lot about that in the past about tornados and hurricanes and so on so that you can understand that it's possible to work with these energies, Mother Earth's energies you understand - her body, in such a way as it is benevolent for all beings including Mother Earth.

So if you remember that True Magic is Natural Magic then you'll know it always works with all beings - never against anyone. The trouble about using magic that works against people, which is not something I do but you've heard of it, is that it always has repercussions.

Repercussions usually land on the practitioner in some way and they can spread around to others. So I'm not trying to tell anybody how to live their life for I know that many people are trying to do these things out of desperation or because they've learned things and they're trying to do good in their way of thinking but in fact I believe and I've had a significant amount of proof and feedback that True Magic, also known as Natural Magic, is something that works for all beings and that's why it works.

So - just something for you to remember. Now I will give more on this site at some point but as I've said before I want you to catch up and practice the things you find here and on my other blogs and then I will resume more regular posting here. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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Robert Shapiro said...

Hello Anon,
I do not recommend that True Magic be done through the imagination at this time.