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The Wand Position
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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bi-location Is Happening Now

In the normal way of life when a person passes over - say an adult or even an elderly person they experience themselves, when they step out of their body with their Guide usually yes, as being how they were when they were young and vital. 

Usually if you saw someone like that you’d say, “Oh, they’re in their 20’s,” - okay - and that was often a time when they were strong and vital and were still young enough to appreciate and value life. 

So, I bring that up not because this is about death but rather for some of you now - and this has been going on for about seven years for some of you - there is something going on that is very interesting. Here’s what it is. 

This will often happen during your sleep but sometimes it will happen when you’re wide awake doing other things and you’ll momentarily, it’ll just be a split second, get a flash of someplace else. 

If you’re really busy you probably won’t pay any attention. If you’re not doing anything pressing you might think to yourself, “Oh I wonder what that was,” and not think much about it. Occasionally you’ll get more details. I want you to know what’s going on. 

What’s happening is that some of you have the ability, and were born with it I might add, to bi-locate unconsciously - meaning that you will be in more than one place at once functioning smoothly and well in both those places. 

This has been a phenomena that has happened for thousands of years on the Earth but just very rarely - now it happens more frequently but if you’re a middle age say, adult or elder adult you will appear in those other places the way you were when you were young and vital in your 20’s. 

So people might see you, they might interact with you - you might even be able to converse in those other places where ever they may be, when you were younger in that younger body - ja - and then in those places you will be unnoticed for a moment and then you will simply not be there. 

It will not be the case in almost every time that you will simply seem to disappear - poof - like that but there will be a sort of collapsing of the image of your being there if someone happens to catch it on camera. 

I mention this because it is so frequently found these days that people have cameras and might be shooting videos for other things completely and they might see these odd images where there is a person and then that person turns to the side and they almost appear to be a two dimensional image of themselves and then they’re gone. You might see some variation of that on a video. It is not likely but it can happen. 

So, you’re going to have all these questions but for today my job is just to let you know that this is happening

It is nothing to worry about. It will not cause people to walk into a light pole cuz they saw it. This will all be latent images - meaning it’s like a latent image in your minds eye, as I said before when you’re doing something. If it shows up on a video, it’s not something that a person will notice. They’ll be videoing something and it may show up in part in the background - alright - so it’s not going to distract anybody from what they’re doing but it is happening. 
I’ll say more about this another time. 


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