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Friday, November 28, 2014

Life With A Spiritual Cat

Some years ago I was living in the mountains with my then girlfriend, whom I shall call Janice, and her cat. She was a very special cat I will call Tsish. She was a most profound spiritual cat. Here is one of the many adventures I experienced with this amazing cat being. 

One day I was sitting in the living room of our modest apartment reading, as I recall, with Tsish in my lap. All of a sudden there was a quick flash of light that moved across the room. Tsish was off my lap in a flash tearing after the light. I was up in almost as much of a flash because I wanted to see where she was going, I’ll tell you why in a moment. 

Down the hall she went with me running after her. I wasn’t calling her, I just wanted to see where she was going. 

She rounded the corner into the bedroom and I managed to get around the corner myself just in the nick of time to see this very small and very bright light zoom across the room into a corner. It lit up that corner for a second and was gone but the light lingered for just a moment and Tsish running full speed ran straight into the light and right through the wall and vanished. 

Needless to say, that got my attention for several reasons. One, I wasn’t surprised because she was a most unusual spiritual cat and two, she had been disappearing out of our small apartment for some time and we had been absolutely unable to find her. 

So, I remember Janice was in the bathroom taking a bath. She yelled out, “What’s all that running around out there?” I said, "I may just have discovered where Tsish is going.” 

When Janice got out of the bath I told her what had happened. She was still determined to look around the apartment to find Tsish. Needless to say, she couldn’t find her. 

On one previous occasion when we were looking for Tsish, I had come across her in a most unexpected place but between us, Tsish and I, we had decided to keep it quiet so Tsish could have her quiet time in her quiet space. We all need that from time to time eh? 

I told Janice that I had an idea where Tsish might show up. Janice felt reassured when I told her that I was certain that Tsish was quite safe and would be back. 

Well we waited and I could feel Janice being uncomfortable as she loved her cat dearly as so many of us love our pets. When Janice and I got together she had had Tsish for quite a few years and was, of course, very attached to her. 

So about two hours later I walked down to hall to the bathroom. Janice thought I was going to use the facilities so she didn’t come after me.

The bathroom was small and had a tall and narrow linen cabinet up high where we kept the towels. The door was latched, I think magnetically. I gave the door a pull and there was a stack of towels that was completely undisturbed but I had seen her in there once before as I said, looking very sleepy eyed scrunched in behind the towels. 

I peeked behind the towels and there she was. Tsish picked her head up and opened her eyes just a little bit looking very dreamy and I must say with a very beautiful energy radiating all around her. I softly said to her, “I thought you might be here. I’m going to leave the door ajar so you can push it open easily when you’re ready to come out. Take all the time you need. I’ll see you later.” Also, I didn’t touch her so she could be in the energy. Tsish put her head back down and I closed the door but not all the way. 

I went back into the living room and sat with Janice. Sure enough, after about 5 minutes we heard the thump of her jumping to the floor. Janice got this happy, gleeful look on her face and she said, “You weren’t kidding,” to me. She ran down the hall and picked up Tsish with the greatest of joy and gave her a big hug. 

I think spiritual cats have been teaching us for a long time that there’s more to life here on Earth than is always obvious to us. That’s just one of my many adventures with one of my all-time favorite spiritual cats. 

I wish you all well with your cats and dogs and other beings and leave you with this, you never know when you might have a wonderful spiritual experience with a friend - either two legged, four legged or other. 



Kirsten K said...

Very nice. Cool Cat! Thanks for sharing.

celine albert said...

thank you Robert.