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The Wand Position
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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Do You Know How To Be Big

I remember a time when I learned how to be big - do you know that one? I'll tell you how it came about.

I remember I was driving down a street and there wasn't too much traffic but there was a car up in front about maybe fifty feet ahead of me and all of a sudden I just knew it was going to pull out right in front of me.

I looked to the left hoping to be able to pull over but sure enough there was a car there and I couldn't and by that time I was on top of the car practically - but not quite - maybe about twenty feet from it.

I'm going for the brake and all of a sudden I feel myself becoming big and I feel the car becoming big and I can see suddenly the person behind the wheel of the car that had just begun to inch out, stop and I was able to get by.

Now you might reasonably say - well, they simply noticed. Here's another time.

Some friends were visiting from another country and they weren't used to the American traffic, they were used to their own driving style as one might expect being from another place.

One of my friends was driving and I was in the passenger seat in the front. Sure enough the same thing happened. The driver was having a significant, not exactly heated but strong conversation with my other friend in the back seat and I saw up ahead somebody getting out of their car and not seeing us.

We were a ways off but they got out, they left their car door open and they were doing something inside their car - you know - kind of half way in and half way out.

So this time I consciously caused myself to be big and the car to be big and while I was at it I asked that the car be bright - very bright.

Now by bright I don't necessarily mean any specific color - just bright and big and all of a sudden - we were about half a block away at that point - and all of a sudden the person who was standing really in the roadway quickly looks at our car, hops back in their car, slams the door shut and we whiz by.

Now this is not something that I think of as a coincidence because I've had other experiences of being big - one of which I'll share with you here because it impacted the lives of others. I'll say more about how another time.

There was a friend when I used to live in the trailer park - someone that I liked and would see all the time - a neighbor. One day he said something that shocked me.

I'd always thought of him as being quite broad minded but he made a remark that was prejudicial - meaning an offhand remark and I was shocked the way you're shocked at someone that you thought you knew and for whom you had a great deal of respect.

On the one hand I was angry that he didn't come up to my image of him - as a friend and as a neighbor yes - and on the other hand I knew he was more than his prejudices and he could be more.

Again, I felt myself get big and this time instead of being in a car you see, I was just standing across from him and we were near the creek which ran by the trailer park.

I felt myself get big vertically and I literally found myself looking down at the top of his head and suddenly he looked up. Now this friend was not a short man - he was the same height as me - and yet there was an absolute sense of looking down at the top of his head and he looking straight up at me.

Well, after I said what I had to say which was simply, "How can you speak that way. How can you judge people that you don't know" etc and I calmed down shortly thereafter, then I saw him face to face as we would normally be - I asked him a little later what he had seen.

I told him that I had this odd experience of looking down at him and he said that he didn't see me any other height then my normal height but that there was a huge bright shaft of light above me - this was broad daylight by the way - and that's what he looked up at.

Well I'm not going to try to explain that. I'm just going to say that's another experience of being big. I'll say more about this next time. Goodlife.

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