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The Wand Position
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Friday, July 21, 2006

Helping Out

Here's a little something I may not have told you. I recall once when I was living in Arizona - I had a favorite spot I'd go to from time to time just to get away from it all.

It was a quiet spot - had a building that was only used on special occasions and therefore not many people went there. They had a quiet place to park and the building owners were tolerant of my parking there - occasionally others would park there as well.

On this one day, a small plane took off from the airport that was adjacent to this area. It didn't really catch my eye at first but after a short time I noticed that the plane was making all these aerobatic maneuvers - doing rolls and - I'm not sure what all of the maneuvers are called and it was gradually edging, with all of these maneuvers, it was gradually edging towards the area I was parked in.

I recall getting out of the car because the plane started diving towards my exact area where I was parked. I couldn't tell whether the pilot was having trouble with the plane or not.

It was a one engine plane - a small craft. I could see the pilot. He was getting closer and closer. He appeared to be talking on the radio and I don't know to whom but his eyes were wide open and the fact that I can report that tells you how low the plane was.

The plane was literally headed in such a way as I thought for a moment - he's going to crash right into the car and at that moment I felt a surge of energy come into me and having had the opportunity to be of service this way once before I lifted - is the only way I can describe it - a degree of energy just lifted - it's hard to describe it in words - and the plane did this amazing thing.

The plane passed over my car and - if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I'd find it hard to believe - the plane going very fast almost crashed into the parking lot behind me. It seemed to turn almost in an impossible way.

Coming in at a steep angle it suddenly banked - if that's the term - it suddenly shot upward. I didn't think a plane could do that.

I'd like to think that what I did with co-operation and with great appreciation on my part of the energy - I didn't think it was capable of doing that - but the plane literally came in at the most unbelievable angle and then suddenly shot straight up in the air.

After it did that it did a long slow turn around over the airfield and the last time I saw it, it was landing on the landing strip. I don't know what the pilot had to say after that but it certainly gave me something to think about.

Well, that's the story of my adventure. Goodlife.


Ilias- said...

An interesting post Robert, I am not sure what to make of it exactly but it struck some curiosity in me both about your experience with what happened-energy and plane headed toward you and the fact that I am on a trip to the southwest which I am calling an adventure of art and energy. Perhaps just a curious coincidence but the themes are very similar with energy and adventure and southwest. It makes me feel a little fruitless about my own adventure actually, but maybe I am projecting. All in all the post got me thinking.

Robert Shapiro said...

Steve, remember - keep your eyes focused in front of you and towards the people, plants, animals and life all around you while keeping in touch with your heart within you.

In this way, no matter where you go or who or what you're with - you will not only be yourself but you will allow others to see you - the you that you truly are.

In this way, any confusion you feel within yourself will be moderated by reinforcement of the benevolence others see in you and how you demonstrate that.