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Thursday, July 06, 2006

What About Beetles In Your Home

A question has been asked by someone who is concerned about having beetles in their house. I decided to share my advice to a reader on this site with you in case you are concerned along the same lines.

A worthy question. This is what I recommend. First, you know how to feel energies - so this will help.

Walk around your home and speak slowly as you walk - it's alright to have your eyes open - and say the following Living Prayer. You might have to repeat it once or twice, possibly even three times. If you do have to repeat it I recommend that you say it differently.

This is how to say it the first time. "I am asking that all beetles, flying beings that are like beetles, stinging beings that fly and might be harmful to us be outside our home and allow us to live inside."

As a follow-up, because you will probably find that as you walk around the home that you may need to say something else again, this is what you can say - "I am asking that all those creatures that pass through our home - that if they be of any harm to us or could be that they be outside our home while we live inside." You'll have to bring the paper that that is written on with you.

You understand that you could simply stand some one place in your home and say the first thing, that's alright too.

Give them about three days and most of them will leave. Also be aware that sometimes there may be a migration path through your house in which case it might be useful if there is a way for them to get under the house to migrate that way. Have you by any chance blocked off passage under your house? If you have that might be why they're migrating in. If not then try the Living Prayers.



patrice said...

Dear Robert,
Thanks for the advice. The problem is that I don't feel those beings can be harmfull...I even understand they may feel good with us because we don't try to harm them and respect them as living beings...The point is that we feel we need some intimacy and would prefer them to enjoy another place on Earth...(Don't know why but having big beetles always running trough the kitchen is like having uninvited friends holding a party everyday in our house...-it's a bit tiring- and now wasps are building a nest on our God!I don't feel you're harmfull friends but would expect a little bit of respect from many fun free spaces on this Earth, don't you think so

Goodlife Robby And

patrice said...

This "And" after your name Robby may mean we keep in touch...
Big Hug to you Friend the New Energy is really flowing strongly and strongly, don't you think so...And I feel that insects are feeling it very-very's like they are booming...


Anonymous said...

I also notice the birds out here in the New jersey suburbs are a buzz! I too have small beetles (as I told you Rob and readers about ants and moths). I catch the bugs and liberate them outside and I ask them to live outside so that we can live inside, and that way we can all live in harmony! Nature is on to us as we are on to It!
Love & Gooddday Creation
Bobby Angel

Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, you probably know that wasps eat tics. I don't know if tics are a problem there but if they are, perhaps there's some way they could be allowed. If not at your home then perhaps someplace in the neighborhood but you know they do return to where they've felt most at ease.

Still, I understand your nervousness around them. It is a difficult one that.

I do recommend you adapt the Living Prayers as suggested though and perhaps request that they continue to live in the neighborhood or if you prefer you might ask them to simply stay outside, not come inside and allow the two of you to be at peace with them.

Robert Shapiro said...

Yes Patrice, I have noticed - the energy is definitely becoming more perceptible and pervasive.
Goodlife my friend.

Robert Shapiro said...

And thank you Bobby for serving Creation, creatures, animals and all in the best way you can. Goodlife

patrice said...

Dear Robbie
The suggestion seem to work quite well...very few coakroaches remaining...some big one seem to resist...About the wasps a very impressive thing happened, just after I said the prayer a very big wasp of a different specie came and started eating a big white chrysalid she took out of the nest under construction. All the small wasps freeze until the big one (maybe 15 times their body) finished to eat...looked like a movie...
Goodlife Dear Friend...I'm travelling in Colorado now near Grand Lake...beautifull! Spirit of Water is so present.

Ndege X said...


I assume the same type of living prayer addressed to the beetles can be addressed to ants. I don't ever like to kill insects but the ants in my home have no limits to their curiosity and/or hunger and they have scouts everywhere, including in my bed and on me. If they find anything apealing they sworm. I've said a couple of living prayers asking that they be led to a place that's safe, comfortable, and benifical for them and it has worked a bit, but the scouts are always somewhere near and I end up having to kill them sometimes.

Suggestions please?

Robert Shapiro said...

Ndege, I'm going to suggest that you read Feb.15 and Feb.16 posts on this site especially towards the end of Feb.16 for the instructions given to another person with this same problem. See if you can try that and hopefully you will have some success. Blessings and goodlife.