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The Wand Position
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Friday, June 15, 2007

Understanding Mother Earth: Stone

There is a portion of Mother Earth's body that is available to us all. It is her stone.

We do not think of Mother Earth's body as living tissue but of course our bodies are made of her body and therefore the analogy is ever present.

We know that Creator sparks life in us all through our immortal personalities, also known as our spirits or our souls. We also know that Mother Earth is the source through the food we eat of our bodies, our fluids, our selves physically.

When you think about it - it is a beautiful system and yet when you look at the stone - while we do not think that we consume stone we do really, and I'm not talking about supplements here as one might take in mineral supplements, for while that may be so we consume stone in other ways.

Plants that grow in the earth are enriched and nurtured by the stone in its form as soil. For when stone breaks down and combines with vegetative and other matter it becomes soil does it not (See Understanding Mother Earth: Soil here, here, and here.) and we consume it through our consumption of the plants.

If you talk to astronauts and have that possibility to do that you would find that they gradually lose some strength when they are not on the Earth - though I do not wish that upon them it is a fact. It is assumed that this is largely because of the lack of the effect of Mother Earth's gravity upon their bodies and of course that is a portion of it but it is also because they are not in touch with the planet that they are made of even though the materials of the vehicles they ride in are made of that. It's not the same though is it.

The actual soil and the rock of Mother Earth is something our bodies crave to touch. If you possibly can, even if you are not able to walk on the planet anymore as some individuals are that way, do try to get out even if one has to go in a wheel chair - do try to get out and make it a point to touch stone or soil wherever it is safe to do so especially if you feel attracted to that. If you can walk about then do that and remember to touch with your hands, wherever it is safe, the stone and the soil.

This stone that we call Mother Earth is a part of our hearts, our bodies and even our minds for I believe that we draw our strength not only metaphorically from Mother Earth but physically as well and it is this very strength that allows us to continue on in the face of all the difficulties and challenges we come across in our lives.

Stone, strength, continuity, Mother Earth. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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