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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Visions That You Can Act Upon

There is a time coming very soon where you will get quick visions. It will be like a picture, in a way, for most of you that literally pops into your head. It won't be words directing this or that, it won't be thought, it will be visual.

It represents something that has to do with an opportunity for you to say a prayer, make a blessing or emanate benevolent energy towards that vision. You are all now capable of doing something that you can do when you're not embodied on Earth. It is just that you need to remember what to do so that you are not confused and also so that you can live more benevolently and help each other even if you don't know the people you are helping.

Let me explain. These visions might suddenly happen and they'll be so brief in many cases that you will become conscious of them just after they have passed. I'm not talking about something that happens in a dream, I will speak to that soon, this is something that will happen in your waking life.

You may be walking with a friend or a loved one, you may be with other friends, you may be in other circumstances, you may be at work but it will not happen when you are doing something that requires your absolute attention such as operating machinery, driving a car, a truck, something like that. It will happen however when you are conducting your life in some way.

Now the vision, and this is why it's so important for you to know about this, will often be something that is violent or frightening. This is not meant to scare you. Rather it is meant very specifically for you to apply what you have learned here on this blog and on my other and other things that you have learned in other places that are of a spiritual or prayerful means to bring about aid and comfort to others.

Now - should you have such a vision, and this is where the hazard comes in, your mind will function very much as when you are waking from a dream.

You may have noticed when you are waking from a dream, even an intense dream when you wake up suddenly or in the case of a dream that is just troubling and you wake up at your normal time either with an alarm clock or by some other person or simply because your body clock is telling you to wake up, that there is a tendency to put that dream into the context of your life.

However I have been taught and I have discovered that there is so much truth in this teaching - that most of us at the deep dream level are learning how to help others - being put through our paces by our teachers and guides and even though we think of ourselves when we are waking up as having been doing that - if you can see the person you identify with in that dream they don't usually look like you.

If you are an older person they will look younger, if you are a younger person they will just look not like you - if you have a recollection of that. Some of you don't see the person you identify with in that dream but some of you do.

Now when you are waking up your mind attempts to make sense out of the dream by putting it into some context of your life - meaning if it is something frightening but possible in a physical life on Earth your mind will attempt to warn you so that you feel like - oh dear, this is going to happen. If on the other hand it is something benevolent your mind will also say - this could happen.

Now I'm not trying to oversimplify those who help with understanding dreams but I have been taught and I believe through my experience that this is the function of such moments of your mind attempting to create a construct in your day to day life of the meaning of the dream.

I bring that forward because in these moments of vision your mind will function almost identically. The vision - if it is something frightening and it most often will be or something that requires instantaneous attention as in something frightening eh - then your mind will immediately attempt to superimpose it into your life just like those waking moments of a dream. However it will not have to do with your life.

This is what is required of you. First of all, know that there are other human beings someplace on the planet - possibly not even within the time in which you are living but they are crying out for help because they are in a frightening or dangerous or yes - violent situation where they are in need of help and when they cry out for help they won't be just asking God, they won't be just asking their angels and deities to help them. They are crying out for help on a broad scale. Sometimes out loud, sometimes just within and because we are all so united now - yes we are - you may get this vision.

Immediately upon getting that vision what you can do is to say a prayer. If you don't have a prayer that you say because of your religion or philosophy you can always say, "I am asking that all those beings who need help now receive all the help they need benevolently from all those beings who can help them" as a living prayer or if you have the capacity or have trained and can feel the energies as you've been instructed on this blog - for example here or as you may find here and my other and in many other places then simply breathe in for a moment those benevolent energies or let yourself be saturated with those benevolent energies and blow very gently - not towards any human beings - blow very gently towards the recollection - meaning you'll still have the picture of that violent or frightening situation - blow towards it.

Try to think of it as benevolent energy that you are blowing towards it - alright - and if you can feel that energy that's wonderful, if you cannot then blow gold light towards it. Gold light is a transformative benevolent energy on this planet associated with the planet herself and with Creators transforming capabilities and then just let it go.

It does not in most cases have to do with your life. Remember, if it has to do with your life there will be no visualization for most of you. There will simply be a moment of feeling in which case you can respond according to the way you feel best in your physical body using your instinct - alright. I have spoken about that here recently.

Now I wanted to let you know that that was happening because it is a chance for you to be of immediate help to some other individuals or groups of people and then just let it go afterwards.

I'm not saying you will all have this experience but most of us will have the experience one or more times and this is something you can do right now when that happens to help out fellow humans.

Keep in mind that if we ever have to call for help that help will be available because of what our fellow humans do for us. Help each other and learn to receive help in the most benevolent way. Giving and receiving - the cycle of life for us all.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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