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The Wand Position
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Monday, July 02, 2007

Creation Lessons

Creation is not that difficult - we all create all the time.

Consider for a moment that our physical bodies are us and that we are our physical bodies.

Do you know that the means by which Creator has created this universe is simply to allow all the mass of energy to pair up with all the other masses of energy that each portion is the most compatible with. When you consider it that way, that is how material masses come together and stay together happily.

One might reasonably wonder - simply as a child perhaps - why don't planets wear down, why don't they gradually disappear over time, why don't they simply go away as people do? An innocent question and not an unreasonable one.

It is because of that energy communing with happiness and a desire to be together. When energy desires to be together and is happy to do so and does so of its own accord it is then most easily, almost totally immortal.

It goes on forever because it's happy connecting to other portions of itself. Now, what about us? Why don't we go on forever? Look at our lives.

How do we use the materials that we consume or that we use to build our homes, houses and offices and factories?

Do those materials all volunteer to be used in the way they are used? No, of course not but then we are here to learn how creation comes together most benevolently.

It is in the true nature of this type of creation that we are learning that it naturally takes time and because every portion of our body that we experience now is not completely volunteering to be connected to every other portion due to the nature of the way we grow our food and so on, then our bodies are not immortal but we are learning.

We will learn over time how to grow, how to reap, how to consume in ways that are benevolent for us and benevolent for that which we grow. We will learn that when food is grown benevolently and lovingly - harming nothing and encouraging it to experience its most abundant and loving life that when we consume that food it will take very little to satisfy us, to enrich and nourish us and to support a more permanent and welcome physical structure in our bodies.

I know it may seem like a huge task but it can begin on a small level. Consider your garden. Consider talking to the plants encouraging them to live their life to the fullest and to - when you bring in the crops - to do so as gently as possible and as in an honoring way as possible.

Be thankful to the plants as well as to Creator in your prayers and in your acknowledgment physically with the plants. It is a good way to start and I recommend it.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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