The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Saturday, July 14, 2007


Someone asked me the other day how I know I am speaking with inspiration as compared to just speaking my opinion? What a wonderful question, I remember saying.

There is a way to know. Over the years, through my learning of channeling with the deepest possible connection so as to make sure it's accurate, I have felt a great many energies. Mostly benevolent - and of course if I feel an energy when I'm going to channel that doesn't feel good to me, I don't channel from that source. Of course - I do not say, "Well, this is bad." I don't put a judgement on it, I just know it's for someone else - someone else to channel you understand but in the course of that education I've learned discernment with the feeling of energies.

So when I'm able to speak with inspiration at gatherings or talks or other situations which I do very often I can tell by the energy I am feeling that this is inspiration in the most benevolent way.

I want to compliment the person who asked me the question because they have a strong sense of perception. Perception is not just how we see others or how others see us. Perception is how we feel what it is we are experiencing and that's what I want to talk about today.

How do we feel what we are experiencing and what do we make of those feelings? In order to know this you must feel and agree mentally that it is alright to feel in your body and most importantly - it is alright to interpret what those physical feelings mean - but not just mentally. That is absolutely vital to understand since our minds do not understand, on the basis of their own experience, physical feelings. One must practice with oneself to know what your own physical feelings mean.

So - homework. I want to give you some homework you might like. For those of you who watch television this will be easier. For those of you who observe life this may also be easier because it is important to have those feelings stimulated in you so that you can identify a range of possibilities.

If you are watching a sad show on television or even at the theatre seeing a tragedy portrayed or an opera perhaps in the tragique being performed then you may have feelings that come up within you. You know that the feelings within you will not be of humor. You know that they will be along the range of some compassion at the very least and perhaps identification if you've had such pressures or even full on experiences of this in your life.

I want you to pay attention when your feelings come up and see if you can identify them - not just mentally but be aware of what the feeling is felt like in your body so that when you have those moments of masses of feelings you will get a pretty good idea through your identification, or what I will call identification patterning, in your body specifically what your body feels like when this or that happens.

It's important to know this because there are times coming, to say nothing of being here now, where such perceptions will be invaluable because the mental stimulation may very well be something that is confusing or at the very least filled with innuendo that could be this or that - but if your physical feelings are telling you things then that's important.

Don't assume that the way other people feel something physically will be identical in the identification pattern for you. It might be completely different, it might be similar. You have to practice and find out. That's what I recommend. Practice your perception physically.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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