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The Wand Position
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Monday, January 07, 2008

Things You'll Be Seeing This Year

Now there may be a surprise coming for some of you this year. For some of you it will happen around the middle of the year, for others towards the end.

Its been a long time since there's been a lot of sightings, flying saucers as they're called, and I do not believe that you will be seeing many things like that but there will be things seen in the sky - sometimes hovering over the ground - that are not of this planet. They will look like flat beams of light but even though they will be very bright they will not illuminate that which is around them. Remember that, it is most important. Something very bright and a flat rectangle perhaps, that does not illuminate that which is around it.

When you see something like that do not be frightened. This is a form of vehicle. What I would call more - a means of passage by beings who love us and want to help the citizens of our planet come into a more benevolent way of being. I have been guided this way and by my experience so I do believe this.

They may also allow themselves to be seen, some of these beings. If you see them they will most likely be seen as humanoid light bodies. You will not probably, be able to make out eyes or a mouth or features like that but they might also appear as bright light and again they will not, that light, will not illuminate that which is around it.

This has to do simply because the thing that we see, the vehicle or the beings, are in a slightly different world then we are in. This keeps them safe and it keeps us safe. In that way it is like a safety mechanism - good for all.

I don't normally talk about these things here on this site but I'm going to say more about these things these days because if you see this or anything like it and people next to you, around you or near you do not see it - know that you are seeing it. It's not an optical illusion, you're not crazy.

Some people will be able to see these things at times, other people at other times. Even if you are perceptive and you don't see it and someone near you does - well, it is meant for them to see it at that time.

Know that this is happening, it's going to happen much, much more and it will be noticed this year and probably get press. So - I feel obliged to tell you so that those of you who have these experiences feel comforted in knowing.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Margie said...

Thank you Robert for sharing this!
Happy New Year!


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Margie, thanks for the visit and for returning your most benevolent presence to your blog and thus to the world.