The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sensing The Energy Of A Spiritual Object For You

For those of you who are uncertain as to whether you have any object that is a spiritual object for you then the following would be a good example of how to check on its energy. The question was asked by a reader on the Shamanic African Art, Part 3:

"Grandfather - is a rainstick an object that requires handling with care?"

Your question about a rainstick is a good one. One sees these things often as a tourist attraction but there are others. It depends almost entirely on how it was made and also who made it.

This is how you can tell whether it requires special care. If you can feel energies yourself then move towards the object if you have one. Hold your left arm out and your palm down. It's especially important to aim your 2 first fingers and thumb towards the object but have your hand in a loose configuration. I refer to this as the wand.

Make certain that the rainstick is not leaning against any other objects. Try to have it in as neutral territory as possible. If you are not sure whether it is in neutral territory then move it outside of your line of sight.

It would be best to move it with your right hand and move it so that it is at least 6 to 10 feet behind you on your right - if you understand my meaning.

Then aim your hand at that area where you're going to put the rainstick. If you feel energy there in that area then you will have to put the rainstick someplace where you do not feel energy - not something where you feel uncomfortable but rather where there is strictly a neutral feeling.

When you find such a place then put the rainstick there. Stand it up, don't lay it down. If you're not sure which way to stand it up just use your physical feelings - meaning just move it around in different positions until your body reacts in the most comfortable way - possibly feeling warmth or in the most relaxed way.

Then walk back a ways and again hold your left arm out palm down in the wand position. Aim your left hand towards the rainstick. How does it feel? Do you get a good feeling? Do you get a warm feeling? Do you feel a benevolent energy?

If you get any of those feelings then you ought to treat it with respect. Respect in this case would mean be careful how it touches other objects. You may have to move it carefully when you set it down someplace so that the good feeling you get from it remains.

Don't lean it against metal and as with any special spiritual object for you it may need to be put someplace special not unlike what I described in the Shamanic African Art - as in such a cabinet or perhaps you may have a special sack you put it in. It might be a good thing to put it inside a bag of some sort but it would have to be something soft and comfortable.

Then again there are others who might believe that it would be good to have it out of a bag but standing freely where it can be near the elements. It is up to you.

Use your feelings and your ability to detect energy to make your best decision. If you do not have that ability at this time then find someone who does that you feel good about and who's advice you trust. That's what I recommend.


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