The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More On Helping Spirits To Move On, Part 1

Do you know that I can sometimes see souls shortly after they have passed over. Sometimes they look as they did in life just before the time of death. Other times they look younger.

I have had the experience that these visions, which I see when I am awake as I have been trained to do, are seen as a more youthful version of themselves because their energy is more vital and more attuned and strong.

Sometimes they ask me to do things which would involve my doing a living prayer with energy and never has to do with anything they're asking for themselves - well, almost never. It almost always has to do with passing on their love to their dear ones or helping their dear ones to be certain that they were loved when this person died. That seems to be the number one thing that people ask for.

Usually I see them with a guide - though the guide is not so defined as light - but light in a form that appears to be generally humanoid. My impression is that the guide is in a human form but the light is so bright I cannot make out their details.

However I can interact with them slightly and give them a wave of sorts which has to do with a benevolent sign I am aware of making. I have mentioned it before - referred to as the wand.

I'm bringing this up now because I've had the opportunity recently to do something that I have referred to before in these blogs - for example here and also here. It's about helping souls to move on who've become stuck for this reason or that reason.

Recently a beloved local person got in trouble out in the water and his spirit contacted me and asked me to do something which I did do. As always it involved the usual question, "Would loved ones..." and so on - which I did do but in the course of doing that I felt it would be good to help the other spirits who may be caught, stuck or otherwise languishing hereabouts.

So using a very wide swath, interacting with gold light beings and light beings of course, a massive release was produced. They told me afterwards that these spirits that I had a glimpse of moving beyond would release tension from the land since they had tension since they wanted to move on but were stuck - not stuck in some alternative dimension but stuck right here, right now on the land in what you might see as buildings but basically they were stuck on the land and the buildings might have been built up after they'd passed over.

You can help to release these beings as well. I'll say more about that next time.


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