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The Wand Position
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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Physical and Spiritual Integration

Recently Joan Norton has made comments on my blogs. I feel these comments are worthy of your consideration:

Joan's comment on my post Crop Circles:

...I have also been moved to write about the crop circles on my blog, mainly because I dreamed I was a part of the energy making them. That gave me the feeling they belong to me as well, even though I haven't been in one. Your thought that they are providing us with our own history and some glimpses of the future seems perfect. It's so easy to get lost in the amazing mathematics of their sacred geometry and pretty soon have a feeling that their intelligence is beyond my capability.

I've felt that looking at them does the same thing as looking at sacred pictures I love, that they "ignite" a state of mind that is hopeful. And that must be good for us all. I just love the way the wheat and other plants lie down in intricate patterns, it feels like the earth is weaving or quiltmaking.

I don't like the way of talking about them as something which is "done to" the earth. They seem cooperative.


Here is my answer to her:

Greetings Joan. Good to hear from you and nice to know that you are communicating about crop circles from the heart to your readers.

In my experience, being fortunate to have been near such a marker on the ground - though perhaps not in the traditional it did leave a picture on the ground in one of my Brazil journeys, I could tell right then and there that the energy from such a visiting heart people could only be meant to leave a gift without actually making a permanent change in the peoples with whom you have some appointment to interact with in the future.

These times now do present us with opportunities even though they are sometimes shown in disguise. I find it is a comfort to know that we are not alone in this avenue we pursue.

Thank you as always for your benevolent comments. Good life my friend.

Joan has also made this comment on my post Physical Messages:

I love these comments of helpfulness because, to me, they are in resonance with my understanding of "bringing forward" the feminine energies within everybody. Long ago our bodies were assigned by many religions to "women" and disregarded as such. Women not held in high esteem equals bodies not held in high esteem. In my own spiritual context, this has been the saga of removing the Magdalene from the story of sacred love. She returns now and with her comes high regard for our bodies' wisdom and in-the-moment direction giving.
"Do this in memory of Her"

Thanks a trillion billion for all your help over the years!


I also feel that the issues brought up especially in the latter comment, as it co-ordinates with my recent post about physical messages, are very crucial to forgiving any attitudes we may have about our physical bodies.

I have spoken on occasion on these blogs about the attitude of looking in the mirror and being disapproving. I feel it is really essential these days given the continuing greater integration of our spirits with our physical world and the embracing of our physical selves with our spirit world to engage home in our lives here where we are now and not have to wait until we pass over through the veils and become our complete selves.

This sense of awakening - as it is often referred to - is something that is occurring not just for a select few, not just for this or that esoteric group but for everyone. Granted not everyone might express this or that opinion or comment about the awakening but you all have feelings now that you are not entirely sure about - you're not sure what they mean.

Sometimes the feelings are wonderful and special and you feel blessed. Other times the feelings are strange and odd and you might even feel frightened. Don't assume that when you feel uncomfortable - not sick, not in pain but just uncomfortable in an odd way that this is a bad thing. Granted, it might be something that is a warning but just as often these days it is something that we are unfamiliar with physically but to which we are not a stranger.

We are born with these feelings usually unless we are born in a war zone and I know that there are a few who have been but generally speaking we are born with all of the feelings that we have beyond this veil of life that are co-ordinated with our complete spirit as well as a great welcoming of the physical world we emerge into from mother.

Because of our cultures and our cultures adaptations, out of necessity to survival, we almost always forget these feelings or they are conditioned out of us because of the demands of our culture for whatever reason. So while we may be unfamiliar with these feelings we are not entirely strangers to them.

So when you get one of these feelings that's odd but it doesn't feel dangerous and you don't get that heightened sense of awareness of your immediate environment that danger signals give you, consider - is this something that may have some relationship to my total spirit being?

Also some of you might get a quick flash of a picture of a baby. It may be you as a baby, it may simply be a baby as a reminder that that's what you came in with as a child. If that happens you can be pretty sure that that feeling has to do with a reminder. The only time that feeling would not have to do with that is because there is some bodily discomfort.

I know this post seems to go this way and then that way but I'm trying to talk around the subject a bit so I do not preprogram you for an experience.

I feel it is important to relearn about the spiritual/physical in a way that allows it to become the spiritualphysical. While this does not appear to be a real word it's as close as I can come in print to identifying something that is a real aspect of our real lives and I believe one of the main reasons we've come here as souls - also known as immortal personalities - to discover, to integrate and to live as spiritualphysical beings on this Earth plane as we know it.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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