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The Wand Position
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Friday, December 15, 2006

Releasing Tension Deeply, Part 2

Now, let us continue from last time. Here's something you can do for other people, for animals, for the planet herself and even - for those of you who live in cities - for buildings which often take on the tension of human beings and other life forms.

Wait until you can get outside to do this. Sit someplace that is having as little metal as possible - perhaps a wooden chair or some other place - you can sit on a rock if you like or on the ground if you wish but I prefer that you don't sit on the ground because you might find that you are transforming too much - meaning you cannot transform, sitting on the ground, the tensions of the whole planet yourself at this time.

So sit or stand someplace and first say, "I am asking that I be insulated and protected from harm now in the safest and most benevolent way for me."

Wait a few moments - you may feel some energy. Wait a few moments after that. If you don't feel energy or you're not sure then wait about 2 or 3 minutes. Try not to talk or engage in conversation with anyone else while you're waiting. Try not to think too much.

Then after that say out loud or whisper or think to yourself, "I am now releasing this tension around me" and what you say is the next part, "I am releasing the tension from the environment around me." Then just exhale slowly blowing gently towards the sun in the sky as I taught you last time and you might have to do this for three or four breaths before you feel a sense of relaxation in your own physical body.

Now there is another part you can do for those of you who wish to do so but it requires the ability to visualize a bit and that is this - you can if you like visualize being beyond the atmosphere of Earth and look back and see Earth.

You have seen pictures or photographs very often, taken from space of the Earth in the distance. You can imagine that picture if you like or you can just see what you see looking back at Earth.

Then look towards the sun in the sky in this vision and first say, "I am asking to be insulated and protected from harm in the safest and most benevolent way for me." Remember when you say these Living Prayers to always say them out loud or at least whisper them if you possibly can.

Then wait a moment and say, "I am now going to release the tension from the Earth." Then blow several times - just breathing in naturally and blowing out the breath you have in your physical body towards the sun. Just blow out your breath as you might blow it naturally, not trying to get every last bit of air out of your lungs.

Continue to do this for no more than 8 breaths - less if you like - and you might feel a slight lessening of tension in your body. Remember this is not your body's own tension but rather a means your body has to tell you that you have released some of the tension from the planet.

If you wish you can do this once a month at any time of day or night you wish, since it is a visualization, and do this for no more than three months. It will help to release the tension of the Earth - the tension that the animals have been trying to tell us that they're being overwhelmed by and the tension of your fellow human beings and even buildings on the Earth.

These methods to release tension that can often build and explode out of human beings or be demonstrated by animals in ways that are not natural or native to these human beings or animals is something that has always been intended that we be able to release.

If some of you feel that this is something you'd like to participate in more often then once a month for three months then this is what I recommend you do - and only if you wish to participate this way.

Wait one month - meaning skip a month after you have done that for those three months and then you can do it for two months - once, you understand, a month for two months. Then wait one month and you can do it on an alternating month - meaning after that. Then wait 3 months and you can start the process again if you like.

I'm not asking you to do this, I am simply saying if you wish to do this you can. The reason we do not do it constantly month after month is that there is a very slight chance that you might unintentionally take on some of this tension yourself you see, and that would never do. It is not your job to save the whole planet all by yourself. It is only that you have the opportunity to do as much as you can in the most benevolent way for yourself and others.

It is my intention here, as I've said before on Mystical Man, to give you ways to help yourself, to help others - your friends, your family and for those of you who wish to participate - for many others on the planet. It is also my intention to give you advanced work such as this and I will continue in this vein as long as I am able.

Remember - you can help yourself, you can help others and you can relieve the tension and the discomfort on the planet and thus practice your own capacities to release and balance.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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