The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bilocation, Part 2

Recently I spoke to you about bilocation. Just a few more words on that.

In times to come, which is why I want to pass on this training to you, it may be necessary for you to exercise a certain amount of influence with energies or even objects to encourage them to move this way or that way.

You may recall the instruction that I have given you in working with tornados or hurricanes for example and that kind of influence is involved.

There is, not unreasonably, a great deal of concern about large objects - rocks - from space hitting Earth but the purpose of all this training having to do with long touch, bilocation and even touching lightly on time travel though not in any sense of fiction here is entirely about exercising some influence to deflect the motion of these meteors away from the Earth.

Certainly small ones ah, not a problem and slightly larger ones oh - not necessarily a problem either but big ones which are coming and will be a test of your spiritual capabilities - well you must be trained for that and you must have the opportunity to practice and work on it and those who get good at it can pass it on to their sons and daughters so that when science tells you - it's coming - you will be able to co-ordinate from your position on Earth wherever you are even if you're on the opposite side of where the thing might hit - you will be able to co-ordinate a motion that you can make physically to deflect the object in such a way as it will go straight to the sun without impacting any other planets on its way. The whole point is to allow it to travel in some direction where it will cause no harm.

So I will be saying more about these things as time goes on but I do want you to understand that all of this training is not only to improve the quality of our life here, ala long touch with tornados and hurricanes for example but also to prevent serious catastrophe on Earth from approaching meteors - which are not likely to endanger the Earth anytime soon but it would be good if there were many people all over the planet who would learn how to do this influence of motion so that when that does happen in say fifty years from now, seventy years from now or perhaps even sooner that there will be many people who will be able to work in a co-ordinated way if they choose or even one or two talented people who have been well and thoroughly trained by these methods - and they can simply make a slight gesture yes just a slight gesture and deflect the path of any object no matter how large, the size doesn't make any difference.

It can be the size of a house, it can be the size of a mountain - it doesn't make any difference. The gesture works no matter what.

Well, I just wanted you to have a few more details so you wouldn't think that this whole thing is a mystery and when I have said in the past and will say again in the future at some point - that there is a reason - you can be sure that there really is.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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