The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

More On Helping Spirits To Move On, Part 2

Last time I brought up how you might be able to release beings who are stuck in the land who've passed over and who are otherwise trying to move on. I may have talked about this before but for now this is what I recommend you do. It is true magic.

If the opportunity should arise that you can be on or near an old battlefield - even an ancient one there may very well be beings there who are still stuck or who are attached to that place for some reason even though as spirit they are needed elsewhere. It is not your job to drag them away but you can create the opportunity for them to leave, at least heighten it.

This is what I recommend. If you are going to that place asked to be cleansed and purified, ask to be insulated and protected as I've spoken about here and here for example or simply say, "I am asking that I am cleared, protected and allowed to do this most benevolent work to help these souls whom I am hoping to assist to move beyond."

Wait until the energy passes and then drive out or be driven or walk out or travel to the place you wish to be. It may be as I say a famous battle zone or it may be someplace where you've just felt uncomfortable and don't know why. Sometimes that discomfort has to do with a fight or a struggle that took place there but is in current times forgotten.

You don't have to walk into the thick of the discomfort for you, just stand near it but not in it - meaning go to a point where you begin to feel the discomfort then back out a bit. You don't have to step back but turn around to your left and walk away until you get to a place that is comfortable.

Stand there and do this. Look, with your eyes closed of course, towards the sun in the sky or if it's night time towards the position of the moon. If it is the moon you can glance at the moon with your eyes partly closed but it is better to look at the moon with your eyes closed - not tight, just closed gently. If it is the sun then you can close your eyes tightly.

Then look down at the ground underneath your feet. Remember always try to do this on dirt if possible or sand but if there is only plants there then let them be very sturdy and get their permission before you stand on them or near them.

Then move in the following way. First when you are standing have your feet pointed in the direction that feels most comfortable to you and face that way too of course.

Then move into a position that would imitate a fast walk - meaning put your left foot in front of you and your back foot slightly behind you but so that you can keep both feet flat on the ground.

Move your left arm out in front of you as if you were walking briskly - you understand - and you were swinging your arms back and forth but in this case, the arm that is in front of you, have your palm facing down with your hands relaxed so your fingers may be curled a bit and in the case of your arm that is behind you of course then it would be best if possible to also have your palm facing down but if that's not comfortable then you can have your arm turned in such a way as your palm is facing to your left or to your right - whatever is natural but not up.

While you hold that position say this, "I am asking that all souls and spirits in a 40 mile radius from me be released now in the most benevolent way accompanied by light beings, guides and angels to help them to move on to where they need to go and where they are welcome in their most benevolent afterlife."

There will probably be a strong energy after that. Just wait and hold that position if you can. After the bulk of the energy begins to fade if you are very uncomfortable you can move slightly but try to maintain that position.

Of course you can breathe - alright. It would be best to keep your eyes closed during this, just gently. After the energy fades then you can move your feet back to their original position wherever you were standing in the most comfortable way for you. Then pause for a moment and just rest. Breathe in and out a few times and just let it all go.

Then take one step to your left and turn in whatever direction you need to go to resume your life.

Now remember for those of you who are near waters or where you know waters have been the underpinnings of some battle this can be done there as well.

Don't do it while you are swimming or even on a raft or a surfboard. It needs to be done on something that is reasonably sturdy like a boat but have people stay at least 8 feet away from you - everyone. If there's a dog or a cat aboard and they are closer that's fine but human beings need to keep their distance and you can do it on that boat even if the boat is bobbing around a bit.

Do it the same way but instead of looking down at the ground you will of course just look down at your feet. It would work better in a boat that does not have a steel hull but do what you can do where you can do it - it will help. This is what I recommend.

I wish you well in your continuing work to help the planet, help the people and help all beings. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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