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The Wand Position
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Friday, December 29, 2006

The Student And The Teacher, Part 2

Last time I was talking to you about feelings as compared to
intelligence and I referred to days gone by in the distant past where someone would be approaching a plant.

Now - as you would have approached that plant did you simply go over and pick a bunch of leaves and gobble them down - no, of course not.

If you were fortunate you'd have amongst you a medicine woman or man and they would have understood plants better then you, having had knowledge passed on to them but if that was not the case and most times it wasn't the case in ancient times you would have approached the plant as an equal.

You would have honored the plant - saying something - perhaps sounds, sounds are always acceptable to plants if they are soothing and you would not have been hunting or stalking the plant. You might have asked the plant in some way using sounds or your own language of the time whether it could spare some of its leaves to nourish you and if you'd had a good feeling the plant would have been acknowledging that it could do that.

Then you would - by moving your hand around 3 to 4 inches, up to 6 inches away from the outer perimeter of the plant - you would have moved your hand very slowly starting in any place or a place that felt good - not pointing your finger towards the plant - just moving your hand - palm towards the plant around the plant and at some point you would have felt great warmth in your physical body.

This then would have been the area of the plant where you could pick some leaves. Then you would have pointed your finger in that area and moved around from leaf to leaf.

Now you might reasonably be asking how many leaves would it take to feel satisfied. There is another point here.

In these times, our times, one feels that one is not full if one does not have a certain quantity but in ancient times one would approach a plant like that and the plant would be telling you literally not only what part of itself was the safest for you to eat but what part of itself would have been the best part for you to eat.

You would then - moving around that area that felt the best because your physical body reacted to the physical body of the plant which would be speaking to you physically in that language and you would point and you would find 1, perhaps 2 leaves and those you would move closer to and if it had continued to feel good you would have very gently removed them from the plant - not at the same time. First one, then the other.

Then you would have thanked the plant, perhaps performing a blessing of whatever was native to your culture at that time and you would have backed slowly away from the plant thanking it for its great gift of a portion of its body to your body but you would not have eaten the leaves in the presence of the plant. This would not be considered polite.

You would have moved away and tried to get out of sight of the plant. If there was some cover you would have consumed the leaves back there or divided them up amongst your family and friends and you would have eaten them very slowly.

You would have chewed them very slowly all the while giving blessings and thanking the plant and life and perhaps a deity if you had one at that time - but it is the plant you see that is offering of itself - so that was thanked first - and while you were chewing the leaves - the energy, the strength and the vitality of the plants body would have been entering your own.

It wasn't to chew it and swallow it. You chewed it many times and you did not swallow it until you felt no more vitalization - no more - it was like a subtle vibration. You did not swallow it until that feeling went away - and when that feeling was no longer present through chewing and swallowing your own liquids in your mouth, then you would have taken on all the vitality and you would have then swallowed the leaf. You'd be surprised how very much energy was derived this way.

I will say more about this in times to come. For right now, I do not recommend that you do this unless you have that wisdom in your culture - then speak to the wisdom keepers of your culture in order to understand how you can go about this.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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