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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

An Homage To Nature By Man

Patrice has asked an interesting question a little while ago on this post. I've decided to put up the answer here on the blog in case others of you have similar interests or concerns. First his question, then the answer.

Dear Robert,
We are living just in the middle of aa potentially very beautiful park in Tokyo. Lots of old trees, there is also a big artificial lake that attract seasonal birds.I said the place is potentially beautiful because I feel the trees and all the creatures, even the water are not really considered as sacred, the result is that the water of the pond is getting quite rotten trees are weakening and the crows assemble almost everyday and shout in group like if they were releasing anger or stress. There is a Shinto temple in the middle of the park but it feels like if they do things very formally. Any suggestion about a way to help this beautiful place to regenerate and feel loved.


Patrice, thank you for your comment. This is what I recommend. First relax and sit someplace so that you can look at that park and lake and birds. Don't be in the park. Just sit someplace where you can look at a distance.

Then close your eyes and say this living prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that the spirits of flight redeem and energize this shrine to the world of nature and bring to it the heart intended to be illustrated by this demonstration of mankind's homage to nature."
After you say that relax for a few minutes and when the energy fades let it go and go on.

Keep in mind my friend, that this is ultimately an homage by man to nature but it is not an actual allowance of that to which it pays homage is it. So don't be attached to the natural processes of Earth reclaiming and recycling in the way Earth does.

You can if you like - the next time you're in the country also say this, "I am asking that the country be respected and allowed to remain in its natural state for its own sake as well as to be visited by human beings who respect its naturalness and learn to respect their own in the most benevolent way."

Goodlife my friend.


patrice said...

Thank you Robert for the answer.
Will use the suggested technique, I just want to check if it's really "the spirits of flight" or the "spirits of light" that may be used in the living prayer...



Robert Shapiro said...

Hello Patrice, yes it is the spirits of flight. Remember the crows - they are the messengers very often.

One just has to feel the message. Don't try so hard to interpret it in your mind, it is the feeling and then - you act on the feeling.

How do you know that the feeling you are acting on is clear and true? When you begin the action, the tension that you carry within you is released and feels better. How can you be sure before you perform the action? You speak out loud what you intend to do - not in detail, just generally. If the tension eases you know that that is the path.

This applies to all things benevolent.

Goodlife my friend.