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The Wand Position
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Transformation Of Uncomfortable Energies Safely

Have you ever had the circumstance when you were in a room or had to go into another room - alone perhaps or a place where you had not been before. This often happens when in a hotel or in a guest room. Sometimes it can happen in a place with few people as in say, working in an office on the weekend when practically no ones there - maybe no one is there except yourself - and you go towards that room and you get an uncomfortable feeling. On the one hand could it be that it's dangerous for some reason. On the other hand might there be some other reason.

How to know. Here's a way to find out. As you approach the room and the door is open or perhaps there's just an opening and it feels uncomfortable slow down and as you get close to the room reach your arm towards the room.

It does not have to be in the room, just in the general direction. I usually use my left arm and if it does not feel good pull your arm back. Wait - about 10 seconds. Repeat this step.

When you reach your arm have it at your side then raise it in the direction of the room with your palm facing downward. You can close your fingers a bit but don't make a tight fist. Then wait. Do this perhaps 3 times. See if it feels better.

If it does feel better move more towards the room. Stand in the doorway. Do it again, just once. If when you reach your arm towards that space it feels better or even alright then enter.

Now if it doesn't feel alright you can try this. This is especially in circumstances where you know mentally that it's safe but that it doesn't feel right and perhaps there are spirit beings there and it might be helpful to clear the room of them for the moment while you are there if they would care to move.

So if you have approached the room and gone that far then what to do. If it still doesn't feel exactly right but it feels better and you feel welcome but you only go in part way and you're not sure then ask for the most benevolent energy to be available for you above the top of your head and all round and about you that you might be safe.

Wait a moment and when you feel it then breathe in, as it were, through the top of your head. I have spoken of this before. After you breathe in just one breath looking to your right towards the right side of the room blow gently from the right to the left until most of your breath is exhaled, not all. Then just resume breathing normally.

Step back one or two paces. Don't turn around unless you feel the need to. If you turn, turn to your left. Then if you have turned continue turning to your left until you are facing the room again. See how it feels. If it feels alright then go in and do what you need to do. If you're just getting something than get it and leave. If on the other hand there is more to do then stay.

I'm mentioning this now because these are always fine tunings that have been preceded by other things on these blogs and it is my intention here to improve the quality of your life, as you know, and to provide you with spiritual tools based in heart, spirit and perpetual being in order to create a safer more benevolent existence for you.

What if however, you have done these things and the room doesn't feel good. Then step away for a time and perhaps ask someone to go into the room with you that you trust.

Now I have assumed at the beginning of this that the doorway is open to the room and that perhaps you've been in the room many times. What if the doorway is closed and you get an uncomfortable feeling?

Remember, I talk to you about feelings here because instinct can be your best friend. I would recommend that you do not open the door without someone being there especially if you get an extremely uncomfortable feeling. Don't shrug off these feelings.

It might have to do with discovering someone or something in a way that could create embarrassment or perhaps even danger. It could actually be a dangerous situation for you especially if there are sounds from within the room but - you know these things already.

I would recommend this in that case. Go back where you were or at least several steps back down the hall and do this. I recommend you say the following living prayer, "I am asking that this room be safe for me now in the most benevolent way for me." Try to at least whisper it out loud. You can say it out loud if you feel comfortable.

Then after that ask that the most benevolent energy be available for you above your head. Again, breathe in just a single breath and with your right arm forward, palm down and fingers separated or in the wand position if you wish. Then with your left arm pointed down - palm towards your leg after you've taken that breath, blow through your right hand and imagine the energy as gold light - blow it into that room.

Then wait about 30 seconds perhaps, maybe a minute. Then go to the door, see how it feels. If it feels better you can knock slightly if you choose or just enter, whatever you feel is best. That's what I recommend.

I'll have more to say about these things in time. I am mentioning these things because energies of past, present and other may be present in this room.

Of course the situation is completely different in a danger situation or even a conflict situation but this is presented for you in the case of residual energies from upset by people in the past or old energies left over from conflicts in the past or spirits passing through that do not realize that their energy may harm you.

That's what I recommend. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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