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Saturday, August 23, 2008


Have you noticed? For a long time you might have seen and noticed how much people are being desensitized to the traumas and discomforts of others but now that has changed.

Mother Earth is taking care of herself and she must do this. I have spoken here many times about how we must take over many of the things Mother Earth has done for us, for example here and also here but now as I say things have changed.

We are now being sensitized, not desensitized. Some of you will have noticed this. Things that didn't use to bother you hardly at all are agitating you in situations at the office, maybe at home. You get mad without much stimulation. Things upset you.

This does not mean that you're going crazy though you might feel that way. In fact it means that what you have suppressed, what you have decided was insolvable in your life is now coming up to the surface to be solved or at least acted upon in some benevolent way so that your body recognizes that you - your mind and your total personality - are prepared to do something to improve the quality of your life even if it's only a step.

This desensitization that we've all deplored quite a bit in the past, people laughing at other peoples misery and so on or trying to find a joke in it and even sometimes trying to find a joke in ones own misery, has made for a lot of temporarily amusing moments but in the long run it has made for a lot of discomfort and a lot of yes - misery and it has also caused people to become very cynical because they expect less and less and less out of their life - but now as everyone is being sensitized to their own situation - so they will become much more aware of the needs of others because others will be speaking up just as you may be speaking up now. If not in words then in actions.

So here's the key. It's not about his fault, it's not about her fault, it's not about their fault though it may very well seem that way because of compromises you've been making in declaring your own needs.

It's really important now for those of you who care to do so to write down a list of your own needs or to just speak it when you are alone.

Nevertheless if you can begin to speak to friends and loved ones about your needs - not making any demands of them, not providing any commands towards them and to give them permission to speak about their needs as well and to keep these things in a conscious discussion and to try to help each other to meet your needs - things will get better.

Mother Earth is sensitive now to her own needs. We are made up of Mother Earth and we must become sensitive to ours - not because I say so but because this is what's happening. If we know what's happening we'll be less upset and agitated about it.

So - homework. Pick out 3 good friends - alright - or if you're not sure whether you've got 3 good friends then pick out 3 people that you feel pretty good about.

First say - I want to give you permission to speak about your needs. They might look at you blankly. Then say - I need to speak about my needs even though you (may or may not) have anything to do with fulfilling them but I need to do this and I need to find some way to act on these needs at least in part to bring about some solution - and I give you permission to do the same.

If they don't say much or they encourage you a little bit then speak about your needs to them - alright - and give them permission.

The best way to speak your needs is to say what you want, not what you don't want - that is very important. When you speak about what you don't want your body gets confused about what to bring to you or what circumstances to develop in your life so something comes to you. However when you speak exclusively your needs in the form of what you do want then your body will be able to create circumstances and potentials to meet people to bring about possibilities that you may be able to work with to fulfill those needs.

Say to your friends - when you want to speak about your needs come to me, I'll be ready to hear it - and share with them this idea of speaking of their needs to 3 people. It really helps and it will help to bring about the action that's needed. That's what I recommend.



Alma said...

Dear Robert,

I totally identify with the situation.
For the last few days, I actually thought that -either the rest of humanity or I myself - was going crazy.
Good to recognize that it is just an acute case of "own needs crying out to be fulfilled."


Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Marite, thank you for your comment. I'm glad to know that it came at a good time and that you were able to know that craziness is a disguise sometimes for the change that we all have to go through.

It's difficult. I know. I can identify.

Goodlife my friend.

Sessizmec said...

Did I ever said that for a considerabily amount of time I am reading your blogs and I should say that we (not just you and me) think the same things at the same time. Even the smallest things that I think might be helpful with our path.
And when you post a blog, I admire the way that you brief those things -except for the homeworks, they're truly helpful but I think I have some prejudgements about the people who tell things in a certain way that they have came through. in most cases it doesn't feel right but in your case this is not what I think and because I trust your leading somehow I heppen to and read/do homeworks you write by removing my biases-. And whater I already thouth someting you write here or I didn't it is truly helpful! you are helping people with these writings.
I don't know what you may think about this but it's good to see spiritual fellowship at the other end of the world, brings confedence on what we all do.

with all my respects, good life.

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Sessizmec, thank you for your comments and your explanations of synchronicity globally.

It is a good thing isn't it to have these thoughts and feelings alike and since the purpose of my two main blogs, A Mystical Man's World and Benevolent Magic, is to help people to develop their own natural abilities then that is why I do give homework.

It is helpful also because in my experience it is one thing to have people tell you that something is so and completely another when upon doing the homework you find out that it is for you.

If the homework does not work for you and you can't make it work then you can be certain that it is for others.

In short, I appreciate your observation.


Alma said...

Saludos Robert,

There is an air of familiarity woven through the manner in which you express yourSelf.

With sincere benevolence,

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Marite. Good to hear from you as always.