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The Wand Position
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Friday, January 19, 2007

Finding Our True Friends

Easing on to a new path - do you ever feel like you're doing that.

Sometimes the road we've traveled has been hard fought, hard won and we feel like we want to hold on - grip tight in order to maintain our balance and yet there are so many opportunities now and all the opportunities have to do with expanding our road.

It doesn't mean we have to get off our path and go on to something completely different though that is available. It means that we can expand our road and that everyone all around us has the same opportunity and is often doing it.

Does this mean that our paths are likely to cross or does it mean that our paths are likely to merge since, with all of us here on Earth at this time, the chances of the pathways that we take in our lives merging simply because there are so many of us here are not only likely but guaranteed. What does this mean for us?

Does it mean that we must do everything together with others? Does it mean that we cannot have any more alone time or personal space or private space for ourselves and our activities? Sometimes it will seem like that but other times it will be what we've been asking for all this time.

Can you not remember - I'm sure you can how many times you've said - where is my real family. Where are the people that will like me and love me for being exactly who I am now. Where are the people who know me, the people that I know and the people that I will like and love for being exactly who they are. Where are my true friends and where is my true family.

It has been so very hard to find this in the past and when we have discovered one member of this group it is a joy and that's something to be treasured always.

Now it is easier because these pathways merging as they are will often merge, not always but often merge like to like so that we may find ourselves with others who we will like for being who they are and they will like us for being just who we are without any pretense at all.

It's going to be easier because where we go, what we like to do and how we like to do it will be attractive to people who like that in others and perhaps even demonstrate it on their own. So be alert. Nows the time for opportunities. Nows the time for expanding the community of your own presentation. It can happen. I wish you a most benevolent opportunity for it to happen for you and I wish you as always, a most benevolent goodlife.


pink ginger 珂琳 said...

your blog is an asset to all readers. you're definitely a thinker.
I hope you will keep writing.

Robert Shapiro said...

Pink Ginger, thank you for coming to visit me here on Mystical Man.

I appreciate your curiosity, your wisdom, your desire to share values of the heart.

Goodlife to you.

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

Robert, thank you for visiting my blog. I reveal my very true feelings and point of view in blog. not sure if it's call 'wisdom'.
I'll be back soon.
All the Best

Robert Shapiro said...

Pink Ginger, thank you for your comment and your reflections on your own being.

Goodlife my friend.