The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Supporting Ourselves And Mother Earth

Now - you'll find that in the coming months you'll feel a sense of restlessness and regardless of who you are or where you are this situation will prevail.

The restlessness is not due to anything that is in your immediate environment but rather it is something stimulated by Mother Earth herself. Mother Earth is, by her very nature, a being that is in balance all of the time.

What we perceive as her weather patterns are actually the means she uses on the surface to stay in balance. Sometimes she must have vigorous storms because what's going on on the surface someplace, maybe not the place where the storm is at all, is so out of balance she must do something in the exact spot that is going to put her into balance.

I know there has been comparisons before along the lines of chakras and meridians but that is not my job here. Rather I am here to talk about the sense of restlessness.

We are made up of Mother Earth's body. Granted - we are sparked by Creator through our souls and yet we are physically made up of Mother Earth's body and any time we have a physical feeling that won't go away and that is not caused by our environment or something that is happening within our own body exclusively, then we can be certain that this is caused by the fact that Mother Earth is feeling this.

This restlessness on her part is a need for us to be in balance. Because we have our own lifestyle and and our own means of living, she does not interfere with us beyond which she must do for herself. This restlessness is something that we must serve for ourselves.

When you have that feeling try to do something that will help you to personally feel more in balance. By that, if your life is sedentary try to do something that is more physical, that feels good to you and is as benevolent as it can be.

If, on the other hand, your life is very active all the time try to do something that is relaxing. If you have difficulty relaxing then see if you can learn some form of meditation or even something that is very rhythmic even though it is physical. Swimming for example, using the same stroke all the time at a steady pace or perhaps some form of dance.

When we do that we will feel physically more in balance and we will not have that feeling of restlessness. I feel that this feeling that Mother Earth is feeling - and therefore we are - can be treated in this way for us and that's what I recommend.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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