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The Wand Position
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Monday, January 22, 2007

Take A Chance?

It is time now to experience life as we have known it before in its more balanced state. Our souls are restless - how many times have we heard that but why are they restless?

Do we miss that perfect world of Creator - of course we do but is it something else? Mightn't it be - perhaps. Maybe Creator has something planed for us - not in store for us but planed for us that's different.

Maybe it's time for us to begin acting as the Creator's apprentices that I believe we are here to be. In some ways one might be able to make a point if one desired, that we have been doing that. Many times doing beautiful things but also at other times spiraling down through one mistake after another to discover consequences. All Creators, I believe, must know and understand consequences.

I'm not trying to suggest that we are some kind of creator of terrible things but I believe we are, when I look at it at a distance - not necessarily as a participant though that I am but when I step back and look at it at a distance - we do seem to be students.

Students often make mistakes and then teachers, if they are kind and available, correct us. Sometimes gently, lifting us from one path of error to a path that will lead to something more balanced but what if we don't listen? What if we refuse and steadfastly stick to our path of error?

Then sometimes the teacher gives us a bit of a nudge or maybe even a gentle kick and of course it can continue from there. A student here - us all yes - we find ourselves very often getting nudged, poked and prodded. I wonder - is the teacher Creator? Is the teacher our guides or is the teacher that restless part of our souls looking for the next step for us?

Maybe as a apprentice we are allowed to take a chance and try a pathway that might be more benevolent even though it might feel like a risk. I wonder - is it just a foolish thing?

Can we sometimes respond gently to that rib or that jibe that we receive from others? Can we laugh with them? Sometimes it goes away when we do and other times it sticks. It's hard to say isn't it. So many different pathways. Do they all lead to the same place.

Maybe that place is expanding. Maybe the place is getting better and maybe in order to get to that place we're going to have to do something different.

Maybe we're going to have to try to take the risk and be more benevolent or is it that we need to take the risk - yes - take a chance and be as benevolent as possible. Maybe that's good enough, given the world situation, for now. We can always try it and see if we seem to be getting a poke or a prod from one of our teachers or our guides or - could it be Creator.

If so then perhaps we need to try something else. I feel, though it is a strain for me as well - sometimes even a struggle, being more benevolent can be a demanding teacher but what are the rewards. Perhaps there are rewards.

I know when I have experienced benevolence it has been rewarding for me and many times when I have done something benevolent and others feel good I also feel good.

Risks, rewards, chances - a world, a school, a place. We continue on eh. Perhaps it's worth the risk.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Seven said...

Your idea of our being an apprentice in our time here is very appealing and thought provoking. Once again you provide the benevolent guidance our lives require. You are appreciated.

Robert Shapiro said...

Seven, thank you for your comment and your appreciation. I must say - I appreciate that.

Goodlife my friend.

samuru999 said...

Your words are always a source of encouragement and guidance.
Thank you so much, Robert!
And thanks for visiting again...and the kind comment!
Much appreciated!


Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Margie for your ongoing assistance to humanity by providing a arrow down the road to happiness and beauty on the beauty path.